Spain occupies the majority of Iberian Peninsula, which is the most south western region of Europe and is divided from the rest of Europe and France by the Pyrenees Mountains. Spain's form of government is a parliamentary monarchy, in which the monarch has the title as "head of state" and a prime minister is considered "head of the government". Historically, the country of Spain has been claimed by the Phoenician, Greek and Carthaginian and Moors. It wasn't until the 15th century that Spain became a unified country. Over the next several centuries Spain became a global empire claiming territory in North and South America, Asia, and Africa. The interior of Spain is mainly mountains that slope down to some of the most popular beaches in Europe. Costa del Sol and Costa Brava plus the Canary Islands. Some top destinations in Spain are: Granada with the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains and the famous Alhambra or the medieval town of Cordoba with its whitewashed plazas and courtyards. Plus not to miss, Barcelona, where you can experience the architecture of Antoni Gaudi. History, culture and beautiful beaches make Spain a popular tourist destination.

Spain Vacation Rentals

Spain Villas

Villa D'Argues is a Catalonia Villa

Villa D'Argues
Can Noguera is a Catalonia Villa

Can Noguera
Oasis Complex  is a Andalucia Villa

Oasis Complex
Cal Fonsu is a Catalonia Villa

Cal Fonsu

Can Xargay, rural & wellness is a Catalonia Villa

Can Xargay, rural & wellness
Can Roc is a Catalonia Villa

Can Roc
El Solei is a Catalonia Villa

El Solei
MARBELLA is a Andalucia Villa


Casa Ruby  is a Andalucia Villa

Casa Ruby
La Medina is a Andalucia Villa

La Medina
Finca Carrulo is a Andalucia Villa

Finca Carrulo
Villa Saliega is a Andalucia Villa

Villa Saliega
LAKE VIÑUELA is a Andalucia Villa

Villa Colonya is a Balearic Islands Villa

Villa Colonya
Puerto Banus Luxuary Villa is a Andalucia Villa

Puerto Banus Luxuary Villa
Finca Eva is a Andalucia Villa

Finca Eva
Casa Katia is a Andalucia Villa

Casa Katia
Finca Ventorrillo  is a Andalucia Villa

Finca Ventorrillo
Finca la Sierra is a Andalucia Villa

Finca la Sierra
Villa Almendra is a Andalucia Villa

Villa Almendra
Finca MonteMateo is a Andalucia Villa

Finca MonteMateo
Cottages of Molino Rio Alajar is a Andalucia Villa

Cottages of Molino Rio Alajar
Villa Neptuno is a Murcia Villa

Villa Neptuno
Villa Sofia is a Canary Islands Villa

Villa Sofia
Bungalow El Capitan is a Canary Islands Villa

Bungalow El Capitan
La Casita  is a Andalucia Villa

La Casita
Casa Molineros is a Valencia Villa

Casa Molineros
Valencia Attic Apt is a Valencia Villa

Valencia Attic Apt
AXARQUIA is a Andalucia Villa

Benalmadena villa rental is a Andalucia Villa

Benalmadena villa rental
Casas Rurales Benarum is a Andalucia Villa

Casas Rurales Benarum
Casa Sunflower is a Andalucia Villa

Casa Sunflower
Casa Isabella  is a Andalucia Villa

Casa Isabella
'Casa Las Jaras' is a Andalucia Villa

'Casa Las Jaras'
Huerta Salazar is a Andalucia Villa

Huerta Salazar
Villa Benibrai is a Valencia Villa

Villa Benibrai
Camosol Golf Complex Villa is a Murcia Villa

Camosol Golf Complex Villa
Los Romeros is a Andalucia Villa

Los Romeros
Cortijo Laurel  is a Andalucia Villa

Cortijo Laurel
Cortijo Las Amapolas is a Andalucia Villa

Cortijo Las Amapolas
Casa Angeles is a Andalucia Villa

Casa Angeles
Casa Alejandro is a Andalucia Villa

Casa Alejandro
Playa del Ingles Bungalow is a Canary Islands Villa

Playa del Ingles Bungalow
Holiday House is a Canary Islands Villa

Holiday House
Casa Benedict is a Andalucia Villa

Casa Benedict
Camposol Golf Complex Villa is a Murcia Villa

Camposol Golf Complex Villa
Villa Marlou is a Valencia Villa

Villa Marlou
Residencial el Hipodromo Townhouse is a Andalucia Villa

Residencial el Hipodromo Townhouse
Villa Verde is a Valencia Villa

Villa Verde
 is a Asturias Villa

 is a Asturias Villa



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