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New South Wales is an Australian state located on the southeastern coast. It is the home of the city of Sydney. When it was founded in 1788, it originally included New Zealand and parts of what would become the other states. Beyond the large stretch of coastline, you can also find rainforests, mountains and areas for wineries, as well as part of the outback. New South Wales consists of more than 10 percent of the total area of Australia. Of the areas in Australia, New South Wales is the most industrialized and most populated in the country. Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, is the largest city in Australia with more than 100 countries represented in its ethnic communities. The 2000 Olympic Games were hosted here in Sydney. New South Wales is home to the Blue Mountains, and they have a distinct feature called the Three Sisters, which is a rock formation of three peaks. New South Wales also contains more than 700 national parks.

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New South Wales Vacation Ideas

Thanks to New South Wales’ varied climate and regions, there is plenty to do for anyone. If you like culture and music, the Sydney Opera House is a must see, not only for its gorgeous, iconic look, but also because of the Sydney Symphony and Opera Australia. Other sightseeing spots include Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Royal Botanical Gardens. In the Blue Mountains, you can hike the trails or ride the Skyway over the mountains in a glass­ bottomed box. New South Wales also has the Snowy Mountains, its highest mountain range, where you can go skiing. If you like wine, New South Wales has some of the best. Besides that, Australia has the best fresh seafood around with its large coastline and excellent fishing.