Queensland Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

Where to stay during Queensland vacations are destinations located in the northeastern corner of Australia. Like Florida, Queensland is referred to as the Sunshine State, and was named for Queen Victoria. This Australian state holds 10 large Australian cities, with the capital being Brisbane, the third largest city in Australia. It is more than twice the size of Texas. Queensland used to belong to New South Wales until it was broken off in 1859. Queensland experiences two main climates all year, with winter falling between April and September and summer between October and March. Winters are very mild while summers can be hot and sticky with lots of rain. Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef is their largest claim to fame. It’s the largest coral reef in the world that stretches for more than 2000 kilometers or 1400 miles. Tourism for the Great Barrier Reef pulls in more than 3 billion dollars a year. If you like swimming, scuba diving or snorkeling, you have to visit the Great Barrier Reef. Queensland is surrounded by more than 200 national parks and more than 1000 native species of vertebrae animals. Queensland is also home to the "Daintree Rainforest", the largest rainforest area in Australia. It is located on the coast and runs right to the edge of the water.

Queensland Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

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Queensland Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay


Where to stay during Queensland vacations are locations in the northeastern section of Australia. The largest portion of its eastern border faces the Coral Sea and extends for 4,333 miles. The number of islands off the coast of Queensland are thought to number 1955 with the largest island being Fraser which cover 1653 sq km. Lake Dalrymple, is located in the center of Queensland, is the largest lake and owes it size to the fact that a total of 33 rivers flow into the lake.


The state of Queensland was officially established in 1859. It had been previously considered part of the colony of New South Wales. During the 1800's gold was discovered and that contributed to the rapid expansion in the area. John Oxley established a penal colony at Redcliffe in 1824. But in 1842 the penal colony became a free state. In 1859 Queensland gained independence from New South Wales. More industries became prosperous such as cattle farming, mining and sugar plantations grew in importance.


Many of Queensland destinations are mainly coastal and is known as the Sunshine Coast. Those that plan a vacation to Queensland, more often do so because of the great outdoor activities associated with the area. Within the geographical boundaries of Queensland you will find 200 National Parks. Being a popular tourist destination many people flock here to enjoy the beautiful beaches . Other popular destinations located within Queensland are Daintree Rainforest, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, the Great Barrier Reef, Hervey Bay and nearby Fraser Island.

If you are coming to Queensland for it's beaches, then you will have to choose between the "Gold Coast" vs the "Sunshine Coast". Both areas offer plenty of opportunity to explore the coastal area of Queensland.


* The Great Barrier Reef
Is a protected area of Australia known as "Great Barrier Reef Park" that is known world wide for the diversity of coral reefs, fish and plant life.

* Daintree National Park
This park is the location of some of the oldest rain forests on planet Earth. The number of endangered species that are protected in this park is amazing. The park is privately owned by the Eastern Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal people.

* Fraser Island
Fraser Island is listed as the largest sand island in the world. Access to the island is only via ferry boat and once you arrive you will find beautiful wild horses, the original breed of the Australian dingo dog, and over 300 beautiful species of unique birds.

* Whitsunday Islands
Off the coast of Queensland are 74 beautiful unspoiled islands that run parallel to the Great Barrier Reef. On the main Whitsunday Island you will find one of the most beautiful beach areas; Whitehaven Beach which is covered in a pure white sand that is surrounded by the beautiful turquoise ocean.

* Lamington National Park
An area where you can find ancient volcanoes, steep gorges, and oodles of waterfalls surrounded by tropical and subtropical rainforests.

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