Western Australia Vacations

Western Australia is the largest state in Australia and takes up an entire third of the country. If Western Australia was its own country, it would be the tenth largest worldwide. While it is the largest state, it is not very populated as most of it is taken up by the outback. It only holds about 11% of the country’s population. Western Australia has almost 13,000 miles of coastline. The capital of Western Australia is the city of Perth. Western Australia’s capital, Perth, is closer to Singapore than Australia’s capital,Canberra. The Argyle mine and the Kalgoorlie mine are the world’s largest producers of diamonds and gold, respectively. Western Australia is also the world’s largest producer of pearls as well. Perth has the largest city park in the world, King’s Park, at more than 4 square kilometers. Central Park in New York City is only 3.41 square kilometers. Western Australia also boasts the largest rock in the world, Mount Augustus. Western Australia’s most valuable export is iron ore, followed by gold. Perth is home to Australia’s oldest mint and museum, where visitors can see how gold coins are made.

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