Tyrol Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

Where to stay in Tyrol vacations are destinations surrounded by some beautiful destinations that are shrouded in beauty, set amongst the epic Glaciers and Alps that is one of Austria’s signature natural features. It is the capital city of Innsbruck and has a population just over 740,000 (2017). Tyrol vacation destinations are divided into North Tyrol or Nordtirol and East Tyrol Osstirol. It is boarded by its neighboring state Salzberg on the South of the region is the Italian province of South Tyrol which was ruled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The South of Tyrol has its own boarder. The region of Tyrol is one of Austria’s popular ski destinations featuring 10 large ski resorts and something for the entire family.

Tyrol Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

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Tyrol Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay


Tyrol vacation destinations are famous as an all year holiday destination because you can enjoy great adventure and entertainment whether you plan to visit in winter, spring, summer or autumn. Summer peaks in July and August while winter lasts from December to March. Walking and hiking is more frequented during the months of April and October.


Tyrol's origins date back to 10,000 BC, later settlers used the rich land for farming and agriculture, these can be witnessed in the excavation sites found throughout Tyrol and this includes their local Ice Man named “Otzi”. It is said that he had lived around 3,300B and is a natural preserved mummy, discovered by tourists Helmut and Erika Simon in the Otzan Alps in 1991.

Tyrol was part of an important trading route and the Romans often travelled through, even built important roads like the Via Claudia Augusta. Even though the Romans weren’t fully dominant in the region, they had influences during the Roman Empire and were prominent in Aguntum in the east of Tyrol near Lienz. When the Roman Empire fell, Tyrol became Christianized and many churches and chapels were erected. Tyrol was one of Austria-Hungary’s royal territories from the 1860’s. Before then, Tyrol was part of Italian rule as well as French influence.

WWI saw Tyrol divided into two separate regions one being Austrian and was later invaded resulting in plenty of lives lost and bloodshed caused by the Wehrmacht in 1938. When WWII ended, Tyrol underwent significant change, a time to pick up the broken pieces and begin anew with infrastructure, development and memories which helped to shape it to what it is today.

Tyrol vacation destinations are located in a region loved by locals and visitors alike. It features beautiful mountain ranges, Alps and glaciers and is simply a must see during the winter season. Each year Austrians celebrate the ski season with huge parties. If one thing’s for sure the locals enjoy celebrating and festivals are held throughout the year. Tyrol locals hold tradition and culture close to their hearts and customs are passed down from generation to generatio


Where to stay in Tyrol vacation destinations which are surrounded by a rich in vast beautiful landscapes, mountainous terrain, resorts, entertainment and great eateries. While there is something for everybody including those looking for the latest trends in travelling and destinations to those looking to take a step back in time and allowing the historic stories that shaped Tyrol be discovered into their world. Here are some of Tyrol Austria’s iconic landmarks some of them are old and charming and have stood various tests of time, while others provide the latest in technology, tranquility and simply a fusion of culture and a proud nation.

Parish Church
The Parish Church have gone through renovations by Jakob in Tarrenz during 1521, these are said to have been documented. Then in 1752, more renovations included the construction of a larger alter and during 1975 and 1979, architect Ekkhart Hormann undertook maintenance and construction of the church. The church is open to tourists.

Kufstein Fortress
Documents making mention of the Kufstein Fortress were found to be dated back to 1205. Emperor MaximilianI took over the fortress and the town of Kufstein during the early 1500’s. Today it can be enjoyed for its many exciting elements including the museum, the world’s largest outdoor organ and the annual summer operetta.

Ambras Castle
Hansberg Castle was run by the Habsberg Dynasty in 1363 and Archduke Ferdinand II reconstructed the castle to accommodate treasures and displays of his fame.

Aqua Dome
The Aqua Dome is a state-of-the-art, construction featuring natural light, stone and wood, it allows for beautiful views of the Alps surrounding it. It is also known as the “temple of hot water” and here you can enjoy a variety of soothing treatments and invigorate your senses, restoring balance to your body and soul.

Mineral Museum
The Mineral Museum is packed with several types of rocks, minerals and precious stones uncovered from all over the world.

Other iconic places include
• Swarovski Crystal World, launched in 1995
• Innsbruck Alpine Zoo featuring picnic places and is home to more than 100 animal species
• Bergisel Ski Jump
• Imperial Palace Innsbruck
• Court Church Innsbruck
• Tyrol farmstead Museum
• Schwaz Silver Mine
• Tyrol Panorama & Kaiserjager Museum

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