Windermere Vacation

Windermere Villa Rental

sleep Sleeps 9 in 5 bedrooms
Windermere Island is home to the luxury Bahamas beachfront villa that is a light and airy with a relaxing atmosphere and phenomenal Bahamas oceanfront views from every room. The Atlantic Ocean is just 10 metres away with a secluded cove with warm, shallow waters close by.

Amenity: Views, Pet Friendly, Shared Swimming Pool, Internet Access, Beachfront

USD 550 - 750
Per Night
Owner Verified
Location Verified

Windermere Vacation


Windermere vacation rentals are known for being located on a private exclusive island in the Bahamas. It is attached to Eleuthera Island via a bridge. The rich and famous have either owned homes on the island or vacation here. Access it limited to only those that are renting a property to enjoy their Windermere vacations or own a property on the island. The island has its own private club with a pool, tennis courts and restaurant. There is a beautiful beach located on the island that include Windermere vacation rentals available for rent. The island and beaches stretch for 5 miles with beautiful Windermere vacation rentals and the area is protected by a five-mile long reef that makes Windermere a very popular destination.