Great Exuma Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

Where to stay during Exuma vacations are a selection of vacation properties that are located on a group of 360 cayes that extend for 120 miles. Some of the cays are private residents of movies stars, some of the cays are owned by private yacht clubs & resorts. The numerous islands of Exuma destinations present great opportunities for exploring or snorkling adventures. Many of the uninhabited islands that make up the Exuma vacations are protected by Exuma National Land and Sea Park of the Bahamas National Trust. The two main islands are Great Exuma and Little Exuma which are joined by a bridge. Great Exuma island has an area of 61 sq. mi (158 km²) while Little Exuma has an area of 11 sq. mi. And on each island is the perfect spot for Exuma vacations in Exuma.

Great Exuma Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

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Great Exuma Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay


The islands of Exuma vacations are truly a wonderful place. Where to stay in Exuma are destinations that are located just north of Nassau and include an archipelago of over 365 cays and islands. The islands have seen many changes over the years, but today the archipelago is home to some of the top beaches and dive locations in the entire Bahamas. Split into three major area, each area provides a little bit of everything to a visitor. Great Exuma and Little Exuma are known for its laid back surroundings and generally great connection to nature. While the Exuma Cays are the rich and famous ocean playground, with a large number of private homes, a luxury resort and beachside condos. No matter where you are going in the Exumas, you are bound to have an amazing time. In this article, we are going to dive into the culture, the history, the geography and the must see or must do attractions for beach vacations in Bahamas.

The islands of Exuma are not restricted to a single island, but instead is a Caribbean archipelago that contains over 365 islands. The largest of the islands (called cays in the Bahamas) is Great Exuma which is 60 km long and joined to another island named Little Exuma by a bridge. The capital of the district is George Town and is located on Great Exuma.
The entire island chain is roughly 209 kilometres long, and 187 square kilometres in area. The islands are generally made of limestone, and thus the white sandy beaches that the cays are known for. For those geography nerds, the Tropic of Cancer runs just south of George Town on one of the many white sandy beaches that beach vacations in Exuma is known for.


Exuma has a truly unique cultural heritage. It is not only the home of plantation ruins that once held the enslaved Popey who would later risk his life to rebel on the island, along with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and a rich cultural history that has connected the various cays and towns for more than two centuries. This island is full of mystery, history, and most of all nature.

The island takes its influence from its background and combines the best of British, Caribbean, Spanish and French influences to create a truly amazing place. The food, the music and most of all the connection to nature is something that you will only find on Exuma. Make sure to embrace the laid back attitude of the locals, and take in the rich Caribbean breeze while enjoying a slice of heaven that is known as Exuma.


A traditional home to the Lucayan Native population Exuma was a luscious home to hundreds of people. The population continued to grow until the mid-1700’s when the Spanish first made contact. Upon contact, the Spanish saw an opportunity and enslaved the population to work in the various gold and silver mines that were dotted around South America. With the population removed, the island ceased to have a permanent population for more than a century. Although it was a popular destination for numerous pirates, including the infamous Captain Kidd.

Much like the rest of the island, the Exumas was first settled by Europeans in or around 1783 by fleeing Empire Loyalists fleeing the Revolutionary War. The expatriates were eager to start a new life, and in fact created their first settlement on the island Georgetown, after the then king of England. Small pockets of private cays started to appear which were settled by those wealthy enough to clear the land, and many of these private cays remain in and around Exuma Cays.


A Divers Paradise

When it comes to diving, the islands of Exuma are truly a paradise for those who like to jump underneath the waves. The island is famous for its underwater caves, and blue holes that surround the various cays. One of the most popular spots is Thunderball Grotto, you might recognize this great spot as the location of two James Bond films. Get your wetsuit, and get ready to enjoy the warm tranquil waters of the Caribbean!

Swimming with animals

When you are looking to experience nature, you might as well let it come up and swim with you. In Exuma, you can enjoy swimming with fish, dolphins and pigs… yes, you read that right pigs. This is truly a special time you can have in the water, and when you are enjoying these animals in their natural habitat, you might even get a kiss from a water pig while experiencing beach vacations in Exuma.

Sail around in paradise

Although known for their diving, the Exumas are home to some of the best sailing in the Caribbean. The annual National Family Island Regatta held in April has become infamous since its first race in the 1950’s. The competition is based on both boating skills, and excellence in the sport, and is held in the waters between George Town and Elizabeth Harbour each year. Naturally, the regatta is accompanied with a Junkanoo parade and the Nassau Police Band providing the tunes.

Tropic of Cancer Beach

Why not enjoy both a geography lesson and soak in some rays at the same time? Located just south of Rolle Town and on Lower Exuma, you will find one of the top beaches’s on the island, the certainly the best beach that is accessible by car. You will find some peace and quiet here, and the beach is missing the beachside vendors hawking drinks which have become ever so common on Great Exuma. If you are looking for a snack, head on down for Santana’s Grill which is just up the road for some great eats, and even better margaritas.

Stocking Island

Located just off of George Town, Stocking Island is a sandy five-mile stretch of land that sits directly opposite Great Exuma. The island is home to the Peace and Plenty Beach Club which includes a private beach and grill for guests of the Peace and Plenty Resort. The property runs twice-daily ferries that will run you $10 for non-guests. With an amazing beach, great grill, and a killer pig roast on Sundays at Chat ‘n’ Chill, Stocking Island is an ideal day in the Exuma.

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