Long Island is a small island in the Bahamas located due east of Cuba. It is named because of it's size. It stretches for 80 miles in length, but is only four miles wide at the widest point. The capital of the island is Clarence Town which has a population under 500. The island has plenty of beautiful beaches to explore. Columbus Harbour is the location said to be where Christopher Columbus landed. Stella Maris is a rocky beach with small tidal pools for swimming located on the northern side of the island and is a popular tourist destination. The Love Beaches are a combination of 4 pink sandy beaches with a large natural swimming pool. Cape Santa Maria Bay & Beach has plenty of soft white sand.

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Watch the Long Island Regatta occurs every June/July and attracts yachts who want to participate in the 190 nautical mile course. It is the second largest yacht race in the Bahamas and only boats 26 feet or longer can participate.

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