Christ Church vacation rentals are located along the southern coast of the island. It includes Rockley Beach, Worthing Beach, Dover Beach, Maxwell Beach, Miami Beach and Long Bay. Christ Church destinations are a popular for surfing, wind surfing and relaxing along the beach. All of which are popular activities and reasons for visiting this region of Christ Church vacations. An example of the numerous coastal swamps that used to be a part of the Christ Church landscape, Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary was established to provide protection to the last remaining mangrove woodland and wetland. The sanctuary is a private 240-acre green space oasis that has been set aside to preserve the flora and fauna found in the mangrove woodlands and wetlands of Barbados. Conflict has arisen because The Barbados Government has not been very supportive in regards to conservation and the preservation wetlands that are a part of Graeme Hall. Christ Church vacation rentals are also the parish where the airport, Grantley Adams International Airport, is located.

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