Inch Marlow Vacations

Inch Marlow Apartment

Surf View Villa
sleep Sleeps 2 in 1 bedrooms
Inch Marlow holiday apartments a private patio offering a perfect view of the Barbados Ocean. Relax poolside at the large, freshwater pool and enjoy a night of fun on the Roger and Bajan Queen Cruises that offer fabulous views of the coastline.

Amenity: Views, Shared Swimming Pool

USD 80 – 100
Per Night
Owner Verified
Location Verified

Inch Marlow Vacations


Inch Marlow properties are located in the south eastern coastal region of Barbados. There are two bays that are available for swimming and snorkeling on either side of Inch Marlow: Womans Bay and Long Bay. The bays vary as one might be safer for swimming with the other a bit rougher. There are kite stores and surfing stores located near the beach which gives you an idea of the atmosphere you will find in this area.