Ghent Vacation

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Hotel Astoria Gent
sleep Sleeps 27 in 27 bedrooms
Astoria Hotel offers the perfect choice for a most pleasant stay in Ghent.

Amenity: Internet Access, Pet Friendly

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Ghent Vacation

Culture Where To Stay in Ghent Vacations

The culture surrounding Ghent vacations ranks in stature along with Paris during the 13th century. But they have one flaw, or one redeeming quality. The citizens of Ghent are a stubborn group who relish their independence. During the 1400's they fought Philippe the Good of Burgundy because he tried to impose higher taxes on the city and they revolted. In the 1500s they revolted again, this time against the taxation of the Holy Roman Empire led by the Spanish King Charles V. But they were unable to outwit King Charles and he rode into the town and took control. Their punishment was to walk barefoot through the city wearing only a white shirt with a hangman's nooses around their neck. And to this day, they revel in that independent spirit during the Ghent Festival when they dress as Stroppendragers (noose bearers) and parade through the town.