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Situated to the extreme west of the Flanders Region, the Belgian province of West Flanders has the North Sea to its west and is the only province bordering with both Netherland and France. The landscape is a very flat polder plain with the river Leie and Yser flowing through it. The coast of West Flanders has seen invasions from the ancient Romans and Vikings and has been inhabited since the Bronze and Iron ages. Bruges, the capital of the province and a true relic from the Middle Ages, had its historic center declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 because of its immaculately preserved architecture. Meaning 'bridges' in Old Dutch, the city is sometimes called The Venice of the North because of the Bruges Canal, which is straddled by magnificent old buildings and plied by gondolas. The Markt of Bruges and its ancient Belfry, the 12th century Basilica of the Holy Blood, the 14th century city gate named Kruispoort, the Loppem Castle, the Neogothical Provinciaal Hoff, and several other antique buildings and museums are there to keep history buffs enthralled. Other prominent historical cities in West Flanders include Roeselare, which has its city hall, market hall and belfry classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Kortrijk, located close to the French border to the southeast of the province also has its picturesque city center and belfry recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO. The coastal city of Ostend, the famous Flanders Fields, and the Kemmelberg hill are all worth visiting places, with each boasting breathtaking history and offering a romantic sanctuary to stroll, cycle, unwind, eat, and enjoy the most authentic Belgian beer.

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