Ambergris Caye Vacations

Ambergris Caye is an island, 25 miles long, located off the east coast of Belize. The Belize Barrier Reef lies half a mile off the eastern coast of Ambergris Caye and runs for 190 miles down along the Belize. There are three additional Belize atoll reefs besides the famous Belize Barrier Reef. They are Lighthouse Reef, Half Moon Caye and Great Blue Hole. The proximity of the coral reefs make diving the main tourist activity for Ambergris Caye. Located between Ambergris Caye and Cauker Caye is the Hol Chan Marine Reserve where it is easy to observe nurse sharks and sting rays. San Pedro is the main and only town on the island. And it is easy to rent a boat for the day so you can go diving, deep-sea fishing, or sailboating. The beaches in Ambergris Caye are made of coral sand.

Ambergris Caye Vacation Rentals and Ambergris Caye Hotels

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Changes in Latitudes Boutique Hotel
Resort Sleeps 12
Rates 95 - 125 USD
Celi Holiday Hotel Boutique Hotel
Resort Sleeps 10
Rates 95 - 135 USD
Belize Beach Suites  Boutique Hotel
Resort Sleeps 5
Rates 135 - 385 USD
Caye Casa Boutique Hotel
Resort Sleeps 20
Rates 95 - 295 USD
SunBreeze Suites Boutique Hotel
Resort Sleeps 4
Rates 165 - 205 USD