Florianopolis Vacation

Florianopolis Boutique Hotel

A Janela de Márcia
sleep Sleeps 6 in 3 bedrooms
Set in a gated property on a quiet residential street, Janela de Márcia is within 5 minutes walk to downtown Lagoa da Conceição where you will find superb restaurants and incredible nightlife on the breathtaking banks of the lagoon.

Amenity: Internet Access

USD 75 - 135
Per Night
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Florianopolis Vacation

Florianopolis vacations are located in a port city and also the capital of the Santa Catarina Region. The main town is very modern and highly developed. Within the town there are several museums that cover a variety of interests: Anthropological Museum, Armas Major Lara Ribas Museum, the San Jaqui Museum, and a cathedral that dates to 1750. There is also a historic center of the city with old buildings. The 42 beaches on the island seem to stretch for miles. Praia Mole is a surfer hangout. Jurerê is a beach where you go to be seen. Matadeiro is a bit of a deserted beach. Galheta is the local nude beach. And Campeche is probably the widest beach with lots of white sand. Florianopolis is a bit of a party town with the beach having the best parties.