Ontario Vacations

Ontario is divided into three geographic regions. The northern region is formed by the Canadian Shield and contains two thirds of the land mass and less than 6% of the population. The Canadian Shield is covered in boreal forests, bogs and further south in pine, spruce and aspen forests. The Hudson Bay Lowlands is another geographic area that is located in the far north around Hudson Bay. The area was named, after the famous English explorer, Henry Hudson, when he landed in 1611 while trying to find a passage to Asia for the Dutch East India Company. Scattered across the landscape of Ontario are over 250,000 lakes making it an outdoor paradise. The southern border of Ontario known as the Great Lakes-Saint Lawrence Valley and includes several of the Great Lakes which are located along the southern border of Ontario: Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Superior. It is this southern area where 95% of the population of Ontario is located. Ontario is also home to the nation's capital, Ottawa.

Ontario Vacation Rentals and Ontario Hotels

Villa (1)
B&B (8)
Cottage (3)
Guesthouse (1)
Dispay all (13)
Sleeps 1-4 (0)
Sleeps 5-8 (11)
Sleeps 9+ (2)
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Bliss On Buckhorn Lake
Villa Sleeps 12
Rates 300 - 1000 CAD
Cedars Cottage Resort
Cottage Sleeps 8
Rates 130 - 350 CAD
Andrea's Bed and Breakfast
B&B Sleeps 8
Rates 110 - 255 CAD
Trillium Bed & Breakfast
B&B Sleeps 7
Rates 65 - 150 CAD
Glen Mhor Guesthouse
B&B Sleeps 10
Rates 80 - 120 CAD
The Copper Penny House
Cottage Sleeps 8
Rates 230 - 275 CAD
Rogers Harrison House
B&B Sleeps 8
Rates 160 - 165 CAD
Yolanta's B&B
Guesthouse Sleeps 6
Rates 135 - 159 CAD
B&B Wild Rose
B&B Sleeps 6
Rates 85 - 99 CAD
Hilltop Manor Hot Tub & Garden Retreat
B&B Sleeps 7
Rates 110 - 150 CAD
John's Gate Gourmet Bed and Breakfast
B&B Sleeps 6
Rates 120 - 165 CAD
Lark's Lookout Waterfront Cottages
Cottage Sleeps 6
Rates 250 - 300 CAD
Williams Gate B&B
B&B Sleeps 8
Rates 125 - 150 CAD