PEI Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

Where to stay while vacationing PEI Canada a state which is located in a maritime province located in the Gulf of St Lawrence just north of Nova Scotia. The smallest province of Canada is known for its red sandy beaches which are protected by PEI National Park. Through the center of the island are 435 kilometers of trails, the Confederation Trail, which was created when the railroad was abandoned in 1989. PEI is also home to several small wineries and distilleries which make PEI so enjoyable.. Green Gable Shores is an area that is famous for being the home for the story of "Anne of Green Gables". PEI is noted for their maritime influence and historic villages that contribute to the charm of indulging in PEI vacation ideas

PEI Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

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PEI Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay


The island itself is not too big, but do not let its size fool you! There is roughly 1800 km of shoreline to discover and along the beach, you will notice a lot of red sandstone cliffs that can reach up to 15 metres in height. There is no spot on the island that I more than 16 km from the ocean, and on average the island is only separated by the ocean by 8 km. The highest peak on the island is 142 metres and can be found in Queens County. One of the more unique things about PEI is its red dirt. The red dirt is a mix of podzols and sandstone and creates a perfect cultivation mix that has seen the PEI potato flourish on the island. As for wildlife, you will be able to see such as animals as foxes, snowshoe hares, mink, weasels, beaver, muskrat and the odd coyote. There are no more moose on the island, nor are there bears. You should be on the lookout for the ruffed grouse, numerous Canada geese and brant, as well as the cormorant and black ducks. The island is full of life, and no matter where you look, the connection to the sea and the land is obvious.


Home to the Mi’kmaq first nation community for years, the island of PEI was long used for fishing hunting and some minimal cultivation for generations. Basque fisherman was the first to sail near the island in the early 1500’s but the credit of discovery goes to Jacques Cartier, a French explorer in June 1534. He claimed the island for the French, and the French further established a colony in 1720 with 300 settlers a Port la Joie, near present-day Charlottetown. 30 years later, the British would occupy the island, and dispersed the roughly 3500 settlers to other settlements throughout the Americas. The island would remain in British hands until in 1873, the colony of PEI would enter into the Dominion of Canada as the fifth province. The province would remain dependent on federal financial assistance for much of the 19th and 20th century and only recently has found a balance to its budget with investments in aerospace, bioscience, information technology and renewable energy resources


The hub of PEI is the capital, Charlottetown. There are many artists in this small capital, and those who love the arts will find a home here. With fine arts including pottery, glass jewellery, woodworking, iron works and painting taking centre stage, you will find it tough to leave without a suitcase full of things. As well, the music in PEI is something to look forward to. The island is ripe with Celtic and traditional music and is home to Richard Wood and J.J. Chaisson both award-winning fiddlers. Plus, every summer the island hosts Cavendish Country Music Festival which has brought acts such as Taylor Swift and Keith Urban to the island province. If you are a lover of seafood you will be in for an amazing trip to PEI. With fresh mussels, clams, fish and scallops the island has quickly become known for its amazing small restaurants that serve up great food. You will also need to try Cows Ice Cream, an island staple. Finally, the island residents are some of the nicest people in the world. No matter if you are from the island or a come from away, you will be welcomed with open arms. If you are invited to a kitchen party, make sure to bring your dancing shoes, as once the fiddles come out, the dancing is only a few moments away!


Some of the top PEI destinations are located conveniently near these famous landmarks.

* Green Gables
Made famous by the Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables home has been recreated from the infamous 1908 novels right here in Prince Edward Island. You will be able to meet the red-headed girl in braids and a straw hat, while you walk along the many trails that dot this National Park of Canada. As well, you can enjoy a picnic in the Victorian style, or even take in some traditional songs and dances from extremely talented performers. Anne’s house is always worth a stop, but be warned it is a bit of a popular place, so getting there is going to be essential to a great day in Cavendish county!

*Wood Islands Lighthouse
Now an amazing nautical and lighthouse museum, Wood Islands Lighthouse was constructed in 1876 to help aid marine traffic in the Northumberland Strait between Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. With its attached dwelling and tower of this style, the lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse on the island. The lighthouse stopped operation in the mid-1980’s but many of its components have remained and have been turned into a truly amazing museum. Make sure to make a stop in the rum runners room!

*College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada
Founded in 1989, the College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada has been a culturally significant place on the island since its inception. With piping, drumming and dancing as part of the college's central teachings, the island is alive and well with the sound of Celtic music. With well over 250-year-round students and 200 summer school students the college has continued its fine tradition of teaching. You can also take in performances in the 350-person outdoor Amphitheatre. The college is now a signature attraction on PEI, and they will welcome your visit!

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