Guanacaste Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

Guanacaste vacation destinations are located in the far northwestern section of Costa Rica and it has a partial border with Nicaragua. The capital of Guanacaste is Liberia. It's western coastline faces the Pacific Ocean and the best beaches are on the Nicoya Peninsula and it is also known for being a surfer's paradise. The main tourist areas of Guanacaste are Playa Hermosa, Brasilito Beach, Playa Avellana, Playas Del Coco and Tamarindo. It is a region that has a very diverse scenery which includes volcanoes, cloud forests, jungles, rivers, and waterfalls. The Guanacaste National Park is host to two volcanoes, Orosi and Cacao, and a cloud forest. Parque Nacional Santa Rosa is where you can find olive ridley turtles as they come ashore. And along Tamarindo's beach (Playa Grande) you can watch the giant leatherbacks haul themselves up onto the beach. It is considered one of the least population regions of Costa Rica and perfect for relaxation.

Guanacaste Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

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Guanacaste Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay


Guanacaste vacation can be found in a region like none of the other regions of Costa Rica. It is home to the country's most complex geography and a number of parks and reserves that celebrate its uniqueness. Guanacaste is located in the Northwest of the country and borders Nicaragua to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west, Puntarenas to the south, and Limon to the east.

The eastern half of the province is home to one of the largest mountain ranges in the Caribbean. The highest peak is Miravalles which reaches up to 6654 feet on a good day. This range is also home to a number of active and dormant volcanos. Arenal is the most active volcano on the range and is one of the most popular destinations for Guanacaste Costa Rica with all the attractions found in the area.


Lake Arenal is home to one of the largest reservoirs in the province. It covers 33 square miles and is roughly 18 miles long. It offers the province electricity and water for rice plantations that are further down the chain. As well, the Tempisque River winds its way through the province and is home to some great fishing during the high seasons


Who does not love an amazing beach, and Guanacaste Costa Rica has a number of great ones. There are a number of resort towns that have been established just for the beaches, and those include Coco and Tamarindo. For those who want to get off the beaten path, head to the Northwest corner and enjoy some of the best sunsets that the Caribbean has to offer.

Nicoya Peninsula
Located in the southwest corner of the province is the Nicoya Peninsula. The peninsula is half in Guanacaste and half in Puntarenas but is home to nature. This area of Costa Rica is sparsely populated and is where Ostinal Beach is located. You may recognise the name as the location of the annual Ridley Turtles mass egg laying. You can also head down to Samara or Nosara which are both amazing spots in their own right!


Today, the population of Guanacaste Costa Rica is a mix of indigenous and Spanish heritage for the most part. However, there still is a large African influence from the Spanish colonial period. Thus, the island enjoys part indigenous, part Spanish and part African roots, and celebrates their three pasts to great success. Due to the climate in the area, the area has become infamous for its cattle and cowboys. Guanacaste’s cowboys are called ‘Sabaneros’ which translated literally means Savanna Dweller for the mass grasslands that can be found in this area. The arts and culture of this area are directly related to their past. You can find African, Spanish and indigenous flavours in practically every song and dance, and the cuisine is a mix of beef, chicken and local veggies that can be found throughout the grasslands.


Guanacaste vacations have quickly become the largest tourist destinations in Costa Rica, and for good reason. The place is truly amazing. You can horseback ride, sail, surf, sports fish, hike, mountain bike, snorkel, scuba dive, windsurf and most importantly enjoy your vacation, right here in Guanacaste. Here are some spots that you will not want to miss on your next trip to this amazing place.

Grande Beach
One of the most famous surf locations on the island, Grande Beach offers great waves and even better sunsets. This location is perfect for those looking for a more nature and adventure filled a vacation. Playa Grande has seen some immense growth over the last few years and more and more thrill seekers are starting to call this area home.

Bahia Salinas
If you are looking for some privacy while enjoying the surf and sand, Bahia Salinas is your place. Known for its remoteness, you can enjoy your own private beach for the day or weekend. Make sure to bring some supplies, as you will not run into an another human for a while!

The unofficial capital of Guanacaste, Liberia is home to the international airport for the region. It has some truly great restaurants and the nightlife is infamous. Enjoy a great cocktail, and dance the night away in one of Liberia’s outdoor clubs or bars.

Rincon de la Vieja
One of Costa Rica’s natural wonders is always worth the trip too. This natural paradise is the perfect day trip location and will get you off the beach and into some of the greatest flora and fauna that the province has to offer.

Hermosa Beach
For those who want to avoid the crowds, but only for the day, Hermosa Beach is perfect. The sunsets are amazing, and although there has been some development in the area, the beach itself is untouched. Enjoy a Costa Rican beach with nature on the mind.

Barra Honda
Nicoya Peninsula is home to Barra Honda National Park. The park has a number of accessible caves with rock formations, and cool streams throughout. As well, the park is home to limestone monuments that are over 70 million years old, not bad for a place that was only discovered a couple of decades ago!

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