Puntarenas Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

Puntarenas destinations extend over 85% of the Costa Rica coastline that faces the Pacific Ocean. Puntarenas Costa Rica will entice you because of the wide selection of beautiful beaches that are located on the coastal area. The capital of the province is the city of Puntarenas. One of the main attractions within Puntarenas Costa Rica is the Manuel Antonio National Park. It is one of the smallest parks in Costa Rica, but it makes up for it's small size because of it's beautiful beaches and tropical forest that are found within the park. Playa Santa Teresa is a beach area located on Nicoya Peninsula and has some of the best surfing conditions in the area. If you enjoy scuba diving, then you should head to Cocos Island which is 342 miles off the coast of Puntarenas and is known for its amazing marine life that exists within the proximity of the island. Tortuga Island has great beaches and no hotels and boats leaving for the island depart at Puntarenas and Herradura.

Puntarenas Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

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Puntarenas Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay


Northern Puntarenas consists of some top Puntarenas beaches in Costa Rica that can be found in the national parks. These amazing beaches includes some truly unique and beautiful flora and fauna that can be found in the Caribbean and this makes it one of the best vacation destinations in the Caribbean. The northern part of the province stretches past the southern border of Manuel Antonio National Park and alongside the Pacific Ocean. There is a diverse selection of local fauna and flora, and no matter where you look, the amount of bio diversity in this place is truly breathtaking. The north has something for everyone, and with its wide plethora of accommodations, and things to do, you will never be too classy or too wanderlust for this amazing place. From surf towns to luxury resorts and even quaint bed and breakfasts, you will find it all in Northern Puntarenas. This is the place for outdoor adventure in Costa Rica, and if you are one to enjoy white water or surfing, the Nicoya Peninsula and Cordillera de Tilaran will be calling your name. Embrace adventure, and experience the wonder that is Northern Puntarenas.

Southern Puntarenas Costa Rica sits along the Pacific Coast, the Southern Puntarenas is home to a diverse set of flora fauna, that stretch from the Pacific to the lush valleys and mountains that surround this breathtaking location. The coastal area of Southern Puntarenas stretch from the Pacific Coast from Osa Peninsula to the border with Panama. NO matter if you are looking for a great beach, or a great surfing spot, the many towns that dot this truly amazing landscape will offer it all. Home to the southernmost Pacific shoreline in the country, the surf has become world famous and is truly an outdoor adventurers dream. If you are tired of the beach and surf, you can head inland and take in the lush and dense rain forest that surrounds the Pacific. Due to the hot and tropical climate, the rainforest encroaches the ocean, and no matter where you are on the beach, you can head inland and seemingly be away from humans for days. The Southern Puntarenas are truly a adventurers dream, and it is about time that you enjoyed it all for yourself!


Puntarenas vacations have long been a gateway to the nation. Starting from the mid-1500’s Spanish explorers saw it as a gateway to the Central Plateau from the Gulf of Nicoya until the export of coffee started in the 1840’s. With coffee came money, and the Puntarenas Costa Rica area was used to ship coffee to Europe and the United States. Further to this, the ports were considered duty free and allowed for liquor and coffee to be quickly exported to foreign markets. Later in 1879, the area was connected by rail, which further expanded the economic status of the area. From bananas to coffee and liquor, the export market was extremely profitable. Today, the area continues to be an export center for the country to Asia and the West Coast of the United States, as well

The culture of Puntarenas is directly related to its colonial and indigenous pasts. The food, music and art have all been touched in terms of this relation. From Spain comes the love of dance, and music. From the West African slaves comes a sense of rhythm and a great collection of spices and the love of seafood, and from the indigenous community comes a sense of belonging and a shared history that blends this truly amazing place together.


Manuel Antonio National Park
Home to some truly amazing white sand beaches, emerald green forests and diverse wildlife, this national park is one of the tops in the country. Created in 1972, the park is home to 109 mammal species, 184 bird species and well over 136’000 km of lush rain forest. As one of the most biodiverse spots in the country, this national park is always worth a few days of trips. Plus, you can see the endangered squirrel monkey if you are lucky!

The beaches of Manuel Antonio
Located in Northern Puntarenas, the four beaches of Manuel Antonio are great. Manuel Antonio, Espadila Sur, Escondida and Playital, all offer a wide variety of ocean and land activities that will keep even the biggest kid entertained. As well, you will see a wide variety of wildlife that inhabits the beach including coati, mantled howler monkeys, two toes sloths and even tink frogs!

Carara Biological Reserve
Home to one of the larger collections of birds, this prized destination is worth an afternoon away from the beach. The infamous scarlet macaws call this reserve home, and if you do not see them at first, you will certainly hear them!

As one of the more popular locations for tourists and locals alike, the town of Jaco is a beach community with a bit of a nightlife problem. The nightlife here is great and will allow any surfer or local to let loose on the dance floor. During the day, make sure to check out Jaco beach. It is known for its great surfing, but most of all its stunning black sand. Needless to say but beach vacations in Costa Rica are a top attraction for visitors.

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