San Jose Vacations

The San Jose Region of Costa Rica is landlock section of Costa Rica and includes the city of San Jose which is the nation's capital. The majority of the attractions are located in historic city of San Jose. 90% of the population of the province is located in the City of San Jose. If you need an escape from the city attractions you can head out and enjoy Parque Nacional Los Quetzales where you will find a large population of Quetzals, a bird species that is noted for their flamboyant plumage. The Parque Nacional Los Quetzales also has rugged mountains where you can find rain and cloud forests.

San Jose Vacation Rentals and San Jose Hotels

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The Adventure Inn Hotel
Hotel Sleeps 68
Rates 65 - 107 USD
Hotel Puerta del Sol
Hotel Sleeps 60
Rates 60 - 75 USD
Kap's Place
Guesthouse Sleeps 48
Rates 25 - 125 USD
Hotel Kekoldi
Hotel Sleeps 28
Rates 51 - 99 USD
Hotel Sabana B & B
Guesthouse Sleeps 15
Rates 79 - 112 USD
Costa Rica Tennis Club & Hotel
Hotel Sleeps 54
Rates 65 - 105 USD