A slice of Heaven on Earth; Dalmatia destinations invite you to witness the Adriatic Sea in all its exquisite splendor. Experience the waves crashing against the beautiful coastline giving the region a divine appeal. The Adriatic is one of the four historically enriched regions in Croatia, known especially for its exotic ambiance. Dalmatia represents Croatian destinations at its finest. Given the diverse terrain, one can go swimming and hiking on the same day in Dalmatia. It boasts Croatia’s highest peak, The Dinara, which is abundant in rich topographic shifts with its undulating slopes, fertile plateaus, rocky peaks, hidden caves, and black pine forests. Embracing a central coastal strip, Dalmatia enjoys a huge proportion of the Adriatic. Here, one can either kayak through the crystal clear waters and absorb the serenity or take a ferry to one of the many islands. These islands offer a variety of water sports, scrumptious gourmet cuisines and a vibrant nightlife. Very few cities have the privilege of epitomizing the grandeur of well-rooted history and the Dalmatian capital, Split, tops the list. The entire city ambulates round The Diocletian Palace, which is one of the most popular Dalmatia destinations that encompass the essence of Croatian tourism and beauty within its boundaries, and captivates people of all interests, making it an ideal holiday destination.

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