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Zadar, a small peninsula situated at the heart of Adriatic, is one of the most intriguing places in Croatia. Within a limited boundary, it manages to encapsulate a multitude of restaurants, nature parks, ancient monuments, ruins, and coastal attractions. Zadar is the embodiment of the affluent Croatian history and culture. It offers plenty of entertainment, natural beauty, and history for everyone with its crystal clear beaches to the South and carefully preserved heritage towards the North. A city tailor-made for tourism, Zadar sports a collection of lush green nature parks that are home to numerous exotic species of plants, birds and animals. The landscape varies from freshwater beaches largely populated by islands to undulating plains of vegetation and rocky mountain slopes. Zadar’s coast is peppered abundantly with many exotic islands like Ugljan, Preko and Pasman that are easily accessible through ferries. The air of serenity surrounding these islands coupled with the vibrant beachside festivals and lively night scenes allow visitors and locals, alike, to be enthralled and enjoy the best that life has to offer.

Zadar Vacation Rentals & Boutique Hotels

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Clear blue waters surround Dugi Otok, the largest island on Zadar’s horizon, where you can find activities like boating, excursions, deep sea diving and fishing. Another widely sought after tourist attraction is the therapeutic ‘Sea Organ’. It a series of pipes embedded into stone steps descending into the sea that produce hypnotic tones in synchrony with the tides. It's a unique symphony that people from around the world throng to hear. On the whole, Zadar is an artful amalgamation of conventionality with a tinge of modernity, which caters to people of all age groups and interests.

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