Cornwall Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

Where to stay during Cornwall vacations which are located in the far southwestern section of England on a peninsula that extends into the Celtic Sea and is bordered also by the English Channel. The "county town" is Truro. The most southerly point of England is located in Cornwall at Lizard Point, where you will find a lighthouse. The Lizard Peninsula surrounds the lighthouse and has a rugged and rocky coastal area that finds a relief in the small sandy bays that appear along the coast. The area is full of old fishing boats lining the rustic harbors, charming beach cafes lighting up the village and plenty of pubs with a full selection of seafood caught by the locals. The north coast faces the Celtic Sea and has a wilder nature. While the south coast is known as the "Cornish Riviera" and some of the top Cornwall properties can be found at Falmouth, Penzance and Truro. Cornwall also has exceptional golden sandy beaches with quiet coves and rockpools. The top beaches in Cornwall are: The Strangles, Daymer Bay, Watergate Bay, Gwithian Towans, Porthminster Beach, Gwenver Beach, Porthcurno, and Kynance Cove. Cornwall is also an experience in the Celtic culture from centuries ago, when the Celts ruled Europe. As many of the local citizens still speak the Celtic language in Cornwall.

Cornwall Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

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Cornwall Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay


The region is places them in the midst of the the Lizard Peninsula and it is the most western area of England. There are over 400 miles of coastline. The Heritage Coast and of that 158 miles are designated as The coastal area is one of the top attractions for Cornwall England and the landscape includes dramatic granite cliffs, surrounded by small rocky coves. Sand dunes and the endless beaches seem to stretch for miles and the occasional tranquil estuary seems to appear from nowhere. Vacations to Cornwall England are very unique. They encompass some of the most beautiful scenery in England and vestiges of the ancient Celtic culture.


Cornwall vacations have a culture that is closely related to the ancient Celtic tribes. In the 1500s the different cultures were very evident. Vacations in Cornwall offer the opportunity to experience the ancient Celtic culture that is so closely tied to everyday life in Cornwall.
Polydore Vergil wrote:
'the whole Countrie of Britain divided into 4 partes; whereof the one is inhabited of Englishmen, the other of Scottes, the third of Wallshemen, and the fowerthe of Cornishe people, which all differ emonge them selves, either in tongue, manners, or ells in lawes and ordinaunces.'


Cornwall vacations would not be complete until you visit the numerous ancient castles, dramatic scenery or amazingly beautiful beaches found along the Cornwall Coast.

Tintagel Castle is the legendary home for King Arthur. 13th century ruins lie on the Tintagel Island.

*St Michael's Mount is the location of a chapel and castle which have been the site of the St Aubyn family since 1650. Today it is part of the National Trust.

*Lands End is the most western point in England and it is found on the Cornish coast. The granite cliffs rise to 200 feet and has views of the Isle of Scilly which is 28 miles away.

*There are at least 300 beaches located along the coastline that make Cornwall vacation rentals so idyllic. Naming all of them would be impossible to include in this article, but here are a few of the most popular for Cornwall destinations:

1) Kynance Cove is noted for it's amazing turquoise water, white sandy beaches and is located in a very remote section that is two miles from Lizard point.
2) Marazion Beach is considered a family oriented beach as it has a lifeguard patrol plus great views of Mount St Michael.
3) Sennen (Whitsand Bay) is located in Land's End section and is a charming fishing cove.
4) Constantine Bay Beach is located on the north coast and is popular with the surfers. There are no high cliffs but only sandy beaches. The nearest town is Padstow.

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