London Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

London vacations are becoming increasingly popular these days as the city of London draws in more tourists eager to enjoy what this key European city has to offer. The city of London vacation rentals are located in a major tourist destination, being the home of 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, one of the world’s busiest financial districts, and the center of media, education, fashion, culture, and arts in the United Kingdom.

The original "City of London" was a Roman settlement that was established in the 1st century. It was located in an area that was one square mile and today that historical district is known as the "Square Mile" or officially "City of London". The "City of London" is a major international financial sector for Britain with 225 banks, the Bank of England and the London Stock Exchange located within its boundaries. Today the "Greater London" area includes 32 London Boroughs plus the City of London. Another area of Central London is the district of Westminster which is the seat of the government and where you will find Buckingham Palace, the Palace of Westminster, Downing Street, Whitehall and the Westminster Abbey.

London Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

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London Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay


London vacations would not be complete without having the opportunity to enjoy the key geographical characteristics of the city that made it such a historical powerhouse. Aside from being the capital city and being the largest urban area in the United Kingdom, the city of London is also one of the densest cities in Europe with a population of more than 1,500 per square kilometer in the London Metropolitan Region.

Because of the geography of the city of London England, vacations to London generally enjoy a maritime temperate climate all-year-round. The city isn’t all river and flat-lands, though, small hills border it and although the River Thames has many tributaries, most of them now run underground, leaving London to be a real cosmopolitan playground with old world charm.

London England is located southeast of Great Britain, originally founded as a port on the River Thames. Historically speaking, the River Thames shaped London to be the cultural, economic, cultural, and power hub that it has been throughout history and up to this day.


London vacations are located in what used to be a small city on the north bank of the Thames River which used to be connected to the rest of Great Britain by the famous London Bridge throughout the centuries. In the 18th century, more bridges were built helping the city of London flourish and dominate nearby areas. You can say that a stay in London is like a walk through the history of the United Kingdom as the city has been built and rebuilt on the same location throughout various disasters, wars, and other events.


Staying in London vacations means immersing yourself in culture! There are so many things to see and experiences to enjoy that people who’ve visited end up booking many future London vacations to make sure that they don’t miss any of the various London landmarks and cultural attractions. Each London neighborhood has something special for tourists. It is recommended for everyone having a vacation in London to not leave until after you’ve seen the various London neighborhood below.

Camden Town Londond
Camden Town is a must-see during your London vacation. It is located north of central London and a hub for the city’s edgier attractions such as alternative fashion, handmade crafts and jewelry, vintage clothing, restaurants offering exotic cuisines, rock clubs, and live music and comedy.

Chelsea & Kensington
Chelsea & Kensington is part of London’s most exclusive neighborhoods where you’ll find designer shops located along King’s Road. Museums and theaters abound here as well as galleries if you’re after more cultured forms of entertainment.

Greenwich London
Greenwich is located south of the River Thames and is a historic area featuring the National Maritime Museum and the Royal Observatory. The antiques and crafts markets are open during the weekends and are usually abuzz with visitors who enjoy the wares being sold as well as the 17th and 18th century buildings in the neighborhood.

Hampstead London
A visit to Hampstead is a definite step back in time. This part of London has a quaint village atmosphere that has drawn writers and poets through the years including poets John Keats and TS Elliot, artists John Constable and Lee Miller, and actors Dame Judy Dench and Stephen Fry. You’ll love the cafes and boutiques and the bathing ponds more so in the summer. Hampstead is just north of Central London and is easily reached via the Northern Line Tube.

Hoxton and Shoreditch
Hoxton and Shoreditch are the centers of London’s media and cutting-edge art scene. Art galleries, clothing shops, traditional pubs, funky cafes, and other establishments line the streets and can be enjoyed all week. Sundays are market days when you can buy amazing finds not found anywhere else, including vintage clothes, mouth-watering food, and even artwork.

Notting Hill London
Made famous for tourists by the movie Notting Hill, Notting Hill is located west of central London and is now an eclectic cultural mix of old world wealth and sophistication combined with various ethnic influences from the Caribbean. The affluent Westbourne Grove area of Notting Hill has plenty of upscale boutiques, a 2-Michelin-starred restaurant, cafes, and entertainment option such as a dance studio and theaters.

West End, Soho & Covent Garden London
The area of West End, Soho & Covent Garden is known as the part of London that never sleeps and has the majority of London tourist attractions, theaters, bars, and restaurants. The Covent Garden Market is a must-see for shopaholics and foodies alike. For those who more formal restaurants and boutiques, Carnaby Street is the place to be.

A glimpse of these London neighborhoods will leave you with heartwarming memories of the cultural mix that characterizes London. There are many more London neighborhoods with their own mini-cultures aside from the above that are waiting for you to be explored during your vacation in London.


Being one of the oldest and most diverse cities in the world, London has a lot of landmarks that you must visit during your London vacation. Here are a few of the best landmarks in the city of London:

Albert Memorial
Albert Memorial was erected in honor of Prince Albert’s successful coordination of the Great Exhibition in 1851.

Big Ben
Big Ben is probably London’s most famous landmark and is a clock tower that sits above the House of Parliament.

Baker Street
Baker Street is the place to be for fans of Sherlock Holmes although other attractions are also found in the area of Marylebone for those who are not fans of the book or the series.

Charles Dickens Museum
The Charles Dickens Museum was where Charles Dickens wrote Nicholas Nickleby and Oliver Twist. The perfect place to visit for a bookworm and literature lover.

Churchill War Rooms and Museum
Churchill War Rooms and Museum features underground chambers that are similar to what was used to protect people against German bombs in WW2.

Southwark Cathedral
Southwark Cathedral is a former Roman residence turned Gothic Cathedral and has been a place of refuge for many historical figures.

Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square is the site remembered for the British winning against the French in a decisive battle off the coast of Spain.

Tower Bridge Exhibition
Tower Bridge Exhibition is one of the most famous bridges in the world and still drawing visitors today as it did when it first opened in 1894.

The Brunel Museum
The Brunel Museum showcases how the tunnel under the Thames Tunnel was constructed. It is the oldest under water tunnel which was constructed under the oldest metro system ever built.

Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey is where Kings and Queens are crowned and is a prime architectural achievement of its time.

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