Aquitaine Vacations

Aquitaine is one of the oldest regions of France. It shares its southern border with Spain. The region is also one of the most prominent wine regions in France with 1,000's of acreage dedicated to the production of wine. The capital of Aquitaine is the historic city of Bordeaux and it's influence in upon the history of wine is felt through the whole region of Aquitiane. Each year over 700,000 bottles of wine are produced just in the Bordeaux wine area and they include dry white, sweet white and a red claret. The Dorgone is a department within Aquitaine and in that region there are over 1,500 castles. The Dorgone was historically known as the Perigord in the 1700's. Within that region are three main towns known for their medieval centres: Bergerac, Sarlat, and Perigueux. The Perigord is also famous for the world renown caves of Lascaux which depict a cave painting of a horse that is belived to have been painted over 17,300 years ago. Another historic building in the region, is the Cadouin Abbey, which was founded in 1115 and has been run by the Cistercian monks as part of the pilgrim route to Compostella.

Aquitaine Vacation Rentals and Aquitaine Hotels

Villa (5)
Hotel (1)
Apartment (2)
B&B (7)
Cottage (12)
Guesthouse (2)
Dispay all (29)
Sleeps 1-4 (5)
Sleeps 5-8 (16)
Sleeps 9+ (8)
Display All (29)
Laroque-Timbaut Gite Vacation Rental
Cottage Sleeps 2
Rates 30 - 90 EUR
Dufreche B&B Boutique Hotel
B&B Sleeps 8
Rates 65 - 85 EUR
Domain Peyrecaty Vacation Rental
Cottage Sleeps 5
Rates 177 - 246 GBP
Le Pigeonnier Vacation Rental
Cottage Sleeps 8
Rates 30 - 80 EUR
Cottage Vacation Rental
Apartment Sleeps 4
Rates 56 - 90 EUR
Chez Emilion Vacation Rental
Villa Sleeps 8
Rates 85 - 265 GBP
Hotel Burdigala, Bordeaux Boutique Hotel
Hotel Sleeps 168
Rates 243 - 700 EUR
Bouillatou Vacation Rental
Cottage Sleeps 5
Rates 50 - 130 EUR
Le Puits Des Brousses B&B Boutique Hotel
B&B Sleeps 7
Rates 45 - 65 EUR
Moulin de Pierretoune  Vacation Rental
Cottage Sleeps 2
Rates 75 - 85 EUR
B&B Sleeps 8
Rates 55 - 70 EUR
Les Cabanes de Limeuil  Vacation Rental
Villa Sleeps 7
Rates 100 - 200 EUR
Le Moulin De La Combe Vacation Rental
Villa Sleeps 6
Rates 50 - 70 GBP
Domaine Maumont  Boutique Hotel
Guesthouse Sleeps 14
Rates 60 - 65 EUR
Gîte des Chaises Basses Vacation Rental
Cottage Sleeps 6
Rates 50 - 150 EUR
"La Maison" Vacation Rental
Villa Sleeps 10
Rates 160 - 365 EUR
Moulin Haut Vacation Rental
Villa Sleeps 8
Rates 30 - 50 EUR
Vacances Vertes les Belles Vacation Rental
Cottage Sleeps 14
Rates 100 - 215 EUR
Le Petit Bouleau Vacation Rental
Apartment Sleeps 15
Rates 45 - 70 EUR
Missandre Vacation Rental
Cottage Sleeps 8
Rates 90 - 95 EUR
Gites la Colline Vacation Rental
Cottage Sleeps 5
Rates 50 - 80 EUR
Les Hauts de la Faurie Boutique Hotel
B&B Sleeps 2
Rates 80 - 130 EUR
La Grange de Langlade Boutique Hotel
B&B Sleeps 9
Rates 68 - 130 EUR
Montfort Bed & Breakfast Boutique Hotel
B&B Sleeps 15
Rates 85 - 165 EUR
Les Filolies Boutique Hotel
Guesthouse Sleeps 12
Rates 55 - 80 EUR
Mas in Black Perigord Vacation Rental
Cottage Sleeps 4
Rates 50 - 120 EUR
Rosalinde Vacation Rental
Cottage Sleeps 6
Rates 40 - 140 EUR
La Buse Vacation Rental
Cottage Sleeps 7
Rates 35 - 70 GBP
l atelier bleu Boutique Hotel
B&B Sleeps 6
Rates 40 - 70 EUR

Aquitaine Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in Aquitaine France

Stop in and visit the beautiful gardens of Marqueyssac in Vezac along with views of the views of the Dordogne River. Enjoy the beautiful architecture of the Place de la Comedie in Bordeaux or indulge in some theater tickets overseen by the Grand Theatre and performed by the Bordeaux National Opera. Explore the charming Basque village of La Bastide Clairence noted for their local artisans. Take a canoe trip down the Dordogne River and visit the picturesque town of La Roque Gageac and indulge is some beautiful French countryside scenery.