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  • Ellorado Chaillon Farmhouse
  • Ellorado Grand Est Farmhouse

Ellorado Home Rental

2 Bedroom Chaillon Farmhouse Sleeps 6
Rates: 95-107 EUR per night. Minimum Rental - 1 week.

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Ellorado France Farmhouse
Ellorado Chaillon Farmhouse

Chaillon Home Rental

Around our farm are splendid surroundings walk, swim, bicycles and of course delicious with your own horse or drive pony in the bunches.
Unique of the farm that the block-system huts stand so that you at all times dry and chilly (at warm summery) outside the block-system huts can sit
At this space it has been made possible your own horse or stable pony in a wide box. So that you sleep almost beside your horse or pony.

0 TVs
Pet Friendly
Smoking Permitted
Wood Fireplace
Washing Machine Only
Washer Dryer
BBQ Grill
Full Kitchen
Car Included
Parking Available

An entirely arranged kitchen with servies, celebrates pip gastoestel, frigidaire, magnetron vaatwasser and warmly and cold flowing water. 2 sleep chambers for 2/6 persons. Separate bathroom with shower, prayed and wasmachine/droger. Separate toilet space. Coverlets included Lakens, one himself must demolitions, hand and take along theedoeken Dogs have not been permitted in the block-system huts, but there outside In the block-system huts cannot be smoked there.
Ellorado Grand Est Farmhouse
Ellorado France Farmhouse

Chaillon Home Rental

for season april\mei 650 high season juni\augustus 750 after season september\oktober 650 prices by horse or pony per day These prices are incl. hay and straw Euro 12.50
Pricing for Farmhouse in Chaillon France are quoted in €

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Ellorado Chaillon Farmhouse

Chaillon Grand Est

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Ellorado is a Chaillon Farmhouse in Grand Est France