Pays de la Loire Vacations

Loire Valley is a region situated in the northwest of France that is bordered by the regions of Poitou-Charentes, Lower Normandy, Brittany and Centre and the Bay of Biscay. Loire Valley France is commonly nicknamed the Western Loire. The Western Loire consists of five departments: Sarthe, Maine et Loire, Mayenne, Vendée and Loire Atlantique. Sarthe, Maine et Loire and Mayenne are all found in the inland area, while Vendée and Loire Atlantique are found in the coastal area. Nantes is positioned in the Loire Atlantique department and is this department’s capital, as well as the Loire Valley capital city. Nantes is the sixth largest city in France, with the city’s population being approximately 289,000 as of 2011. Nantes is famous for many of its tourist attractions, such as the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany and the Machines of the Ile Art Gallery. The Nantes History Museum is located in the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, which interests many foreigners. The castle also has exhibits and events throughout the year. The Machines of the Ile Art Gallery is not only an art gallery, but also a visitor center, displaying the history of Nantes as well as Leonardo da Vinci’s art and Jules Verne’s books. These sites, as well as many others, appeal to those embarking on Loire Valley vacations every year and tourists will find numerous Loire Valley accommodation and Loire Valley gites that cater to family and independent vacations

Pays de la Loire Vacation Rentals and Boutique Hotels

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The Vine House at Le Bignon
B&B Sleeps 6
Rates 95 - 265 EUR
Les Escargots
B&B Sleeps 7
Rates 58 - 62 EUR
Appletons Farmhouse B&B
B&B Sleeps 12
Rates 50 - 70 EUR
Le Canard au Parapluie Rouge
B&B Sleeps 15
Rates 50 - 80 EUR
La Maison Joulin
B&B Sleeps 5
Rates 50 - 55 EUR
Chateau du Breuil
Hotel Sleeps 36
Rates 136 - 322 EUR
Chateau de Labro
Hotel Sleeps 30
Rates 130 - 250 EUR
La glycine: LabourofLoveGites
Farmhouse Sleeps 5
Rates 80 - 100 GBP
Le Chevrefeuille
Cottage Sleeps 4
Rates 85 - 95 GBP
Le Camelia
Cottage Sleeps 6
Rates 60 - 80 GBP
La Jolie Maison
Guesthouse Sleeps 9
Rates 55 - 100 EUR
La Camillette
Farmhouse Sleeps 5
Rates 86 - 107 EUR
Massif Forestier
Cottage Sleeps 4
Rates 42 - 96 EUR
Hotel Anne d'Anjou
Hotel Sleeps 84
Rates 131 - 268 EUR
La Cloue Bed & Breakfast
B&B Sleeps 8
Rates 40 - 70 EUR

Pays de la Loire Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in France

While Nantes is currently the capital of Loire Valley, it was once the capital of Brittany because Pays de la Loire, France is a recently formed region. The location of the Western Loire consists of the previous divided provinces of Brittany, Perche, Maine, Touraine, Poitou and Anjou. The Loire River goes directly through the middle of Loire Valley, France from east to west, giving the region its name “lands of the Loire River.” Various Loire Valley accommodation for visitors can be found around the Loire River, including chateaus, villas, bed and breakfasts, cottages and farmhouses. Nantes is not the only city in Pays de la Loire that offers places for visitors to enjoy. Angers, the capital of the Maine et Loire department and Le Mans, the capital of the Sarthe department are also popular spots for sightseers. Angers features the Castle of Angers, one of the biggest medieval castles in both France and Europe. The outside walls of the castle are made up of shale and limestone. One of the main attractions inside the Castle of Angers is the Tapestry of the Apocalypse, the largest medieval tapestry in the world, measuring about 341 feet in length. Le Mans is famous for its Automobile Museum of the Sarthe, which branched from years of accumulating vehicles and holds some of the rarest cars in the world. Also, a 24-hour motor endurance race takes places in Le Mans once a year. Choose from several Loire Valley gites through and come explore the cities of Nantes, Angers, Le Mans and many other!