Arles Vacation

Arles Apartment Rental

Mas du Petit Prince
sleep Sleeps 8 in 3 bedrooms
The Arles apartment is an old styled with outhouses property which sits on 13 acres of parkland.

Amenity: Private Swimming Pool

EUR 110 - 170
Per Night
Owner Verified
Location Verified

Arles Vacation

Arles vacation rentals are located in an ancient Roman town that sits on the banks of the Rhone River as it flows through the Camargue delta towards the Mediterranean. Running wild in the Camargue are large black bulls and beautiful white horses. These animals are intrinsically tied to the lifestyle and culture of Arles. Located within the city borders of Arles is an ancient Roman amphitheater built in the 1st century BC. It is still standing, a bit old, but in its original glory. Every Easter, Arles hosts an Easter Feria. People dance and party in the streets day and night. The town swells with visitors who come to participate in the event. During the following months there are a series of events where master “razeteurs” try to remove the red cocarde ribbon attached to the head of the bull. The land surrounding Arles is agricultural and dedicated to rice production or wine vineyards. You will find numerous country farmhouses that dot the landscape and have been renovated to provide Arles boutique hotels or short term Arles rentals.