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The historic region surrounding Provence vacation rentals has, over time, been combined with the Alpes and Cote d'Azure as of 2016 and is known now as "Provence Alpes Cote d'Azure". The capital of the region is Marseille. Provence vacacations stretch along the southern coast of France and it's coastline is considered one of the most exclusive area for Provence vacation rentals in the world. Also known as "The French Riviera" it is known for the exclusive resort towns of Nice and Cannes. The eastern border intertwines with Italy and it's coastline is dotted with harbors and bays that attract sailors and tourists from around the world. There are several historic towns in Provence that make up Provence vacations. One is Avignon, which was the official residence for the Catholic Popes during the 14th and 15th centuries. Their legacy is the amazing structure of the Palace of the Popes and it's Gothic Architecture. The town of Arles has numerous Roman architectural sites located within the city and it includes a beautiful Roman Amphitheater which was built in 90 AD.

Provence Vacation Rentals & Boutique Hotels

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Provence vacation rentals are located in one of the top tourist destination for Parisians and many foreigners who come to spend their summers surrounded by the open landscape and rolling hills of this southern France landscape. Provence vacation rentals are a popular destination and you have your option of staying in a small cottage or holiday apartment and soak up the ambiance of Provence culture. The Mediterranean climate and temperature make it an ideal location for enjoying the French Riviera and the quaint villages and their markets. There is an ambiance that draws tourists from all regions where they can see the history, landscape and culture of the small Provence villages. The rural landscape of the area is also quite beautiful. It is in these small villages where you will find numerous Provence vacation rentals which are usually quaint and rustic but nonetheless uniquely charming. It is the tiny villages and the agricultural climate that entice visitors to this area. The warm Mediterranean ocean send breezes into the surrounding hills. Many Provence cottages and Provence apartments are located in the villages and surrounding hills. The quiet farm life, quaint villages and local culture make it an relaxing destination to relax while savoring the local food and wine and culture while staying in Provence vacation rentals.

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