Saint Barthélemy is also known as St Barts is now an overseas collectivity of France. The islands are of volcanic in origin and they are surrounded by numerous reefs. The capital of the island is Gustavia. St. Barts is famous for its beaches because there are about twenty beaches total on the island. Each beach has its own character, making each St. Barts vacation unique in its own way! Most of the beaches are rarely crowded, even during the peak season of the year. The most popular beach on the island is St. Jean. On this beach, there are hotels, water-sports and restaurants. Some beaches are even very secluded and preferred by some for privacy, including the small beach of Marigot. Visiting St. Barts can be taken either alone or with loved ones. Either way, however, you will have your breath taken away.

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Villa Bamboo
Cottage Sleeps 2
Rates 330 - 600 USD
Villa Finistère
Villa Sleeps 4
Rates 276 - 647 USD
Flamands Blue
Villa Sleeps 6
Rates 350 - 600 USD
Villa Mango
Villa Sleeps 5
Rates 475 - 1700 USD

St Barts Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in French Caribbean

Many school-aged children are taught the song, “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” We are taught as children that Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492, but there have been many speculations as to whether this is true or not. However, it is true that Columbus discovered a completely different location only a year later, in 1493: Saint Barthélemy. Saint Barthélemy, or better known as St. Barts Island, is an overseas collectivity of France in the French Caribbean. The St. Barts Island was named after Christopher Columbus’s brother, Bartolomeo. This French Caribbean Island is most known for its beaches, sporting activities such as hiking and horse riding, dining with gourmet food imported from the United States and France, shopping, nightlife and art, music and film festivals. Many people take vacations in St. Barts for the popular attractions of this French Caribbean Island. These luxury St. Barts getaways are a one-of-a-kind experience.

Tourism is an enormous attraction for the economy of St. Barthélemy, appealing to around 200,000 tourists each year. When sight-seers stay in a St. Barts, they feel as though they are natives of the magnificent island. During the last twenty years, the population of St. Barts has more than doubled because natives are not leaving nd visitors continue to make this area of the French Caribbean their home. People visiting St. Barts could soon find themselves living on the island! Coral reefs, crystal clear waters and blue-green lagoons encircle the St. Barts Island. Many visitors choose to simply take advance of the relaxation in the French Caribbean, others go to look at the beautiful scenery, eat the French cuisine and meet the friendly people who live on the island. No wonder St. Barts are referred to as heaven on earth!