Munich Vacation

Munich Condo Rental

hotel Brunnenhof
sleep Sleeps 150 in 58 bedrooms
The hotel Brunnenhof is located in the city center of Munich away of car noise in the district called “Ludwigsvorstadt”

Amenity: Pet Friendly, Internet Access

EUR 84 - 147
Per Night
Owner Verified
Location Verified

Munich Vacation


Munich vacations are one of the most populous cities within the state of Bavaria. The city is also the capital of Bavaria and also the 12th largest city within the European Union. Munich is known for its many lively activities and festivals throughout the region. Munich is surrounded by the majestic Bavarian Alps near the banks of the picturesque Isar River. The city is located at the southern part of Bavaria and just north of the Alps mountain range.

The majority of Germans in Munich speak German as their first language, with various dialects from the different regions. However, other languages include Bavarian and some English. Bavarian dialects include Astro Bavarian as well as Upper Bavarian.