Dresden Vacation

Dresden Boutique Hotel

sleep Sleeps 12 in 6 bedrooms
Bed and Breakfast in a historic villa at the river Elbe - stay with a Dresden family

Amenity: Views, Wood Fireplace, Internet Access

EUR 65 - 150
Per Night
Owner Verified
Location Verified

Dresden Vacation

Geography - Where To Stay in Dresden Vacations in Germany

Dresden is the capital of the Saxon Region and is located in the eastern region of Germany near Chechia and Poland. Through the town runs the Elbe River. The location of the town is in the Elba River Valley which has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site because of the Pillnitz Palace and numerous 18th century villas and gardens in the area. Dresden has a rich history of culture dating back to Saxon royal families who called it home. It is the capital city of Free State Saxony Germany and lies located in a valley on the Elbe River bordering Bavaria, Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg as well as the Czech Republic. The region is regarded the 4th largest in Germany in terms of area with a range of 32,848ha (over 328,48km).

Dresden locals speak English, but more so amongst the younger generation, however, German is widely spoken within the region and it helps to be able to communicate in German. Dresden experiences frequent rainfall throughout the year with the warmest months being in July and the coldest in January.