Himachal Pradesh Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

The Indian kingdom of everlasting snows and one of the top touristic venues are Himachal Pradesh destinations. Forged into the Himalayas and blessed with magnificent mountain scenery, exotic valleys, crystal clear lakes and verdant high hills, Himachal Pradesh is a prominent winter sports destination thought for trekking, alpinism and skiing. So, if you are amateur of one of the above, a Himachal Pradesh vacation is compulsory. Counting more than two thousand temples, practically each village has one, the state vibrates and breath spirituality and is home to the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama.

Himachal Pradesh Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

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Himachal Pradesh Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay


Where to stay Himachal Pradesh are destinations that border with China on the eastern side, Jammu and Kashmir on the North side, Punjab on the western side, Haryana towards the Southwest and Uttaranchal surveils the Southeast. It encapsulates three types of regions outer Himalayas, middle Himalayas and greater Himalayas that cover a vast altitude from 350m to 7000m reported to the sea level. This huge variation and the inner conditions of the Himalaya mountain chain conceive a mix of climate conditions ranging from sub humid and hot tropical, warm temperate, cool temperate, to glacial and cold alpine.

Himalaya is India’s fresh water reservoir and impacts largely its clime. And has a word or two to say to the fact this state is considered the “fruit bowl” of India. Besides the water resources provided by Himalaya, Himachal detains hot springs, an important network of lakes that cover about 1% of its surface and a net of rivers. The most important rivers are: Yamuna, Chenab, Ravi, Beas, Sutlej and Spiti. These rivers and lakes, together with a wide surface of forests (38 % of the state is covered with forests) shelter an extensive variety of flora and fauna.

The diversified climate conditions reverberate moreover the forest typology, Himachal Pradesh enjoying no less than six categories of forests: alpine scrub, sub alpine, montane temperate, montane sub-tropical, dry tropical and moist tropical. This forest area harbors a flourishing wild life, about 1200 bird species and 350 animals, among which the ghoral, western Tragopan, snow leopard, musk deer and leopard.


Archaeological discoveries revealed the presence of the prehistorical men in this area, Aryans are thought to have lived here during the period before the Rig-Veda. Most of the small areas that compose today the state of Himachal Pradesh enjoyed progress and independence till the Muslim invasion of the 10th century. During the Muslim kings, the territory lived its worth devastation period. Follows, a flourishing period while the Rajput Kings rule till the 18th century. After the Anglo-Gorkha war it was the turn of British to rule over the region, till the 20th century when Himachal Pradesh became part of the Indian administration.

All of Himachal Pradesh destinations wear the signs of its history, for example Shimla the former Indian summer capital, still has ancient buildings that remind the bygone English era. Indo-Aryan shikhar style temples that date back to 8th or 10th century are still present in Chamba or Kangra valleys, pagoda temples in Kullu Valley, local architecture temples in Chamba region, Sikh and Mughal style temples, cave temples or Tibetan ones. Several religions interfere in Himachal Pradesh Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism are some of them.

Himachal Pradesh is ‘Deva Bhoomi’ or the land of Gods, because of the large number of temples and the spiritual aura of the natural landscape. The religion and the spirituality are integrant part of the locals’ lives and reflects in major aspects of their existence. Around here most of the temples have a dedicated festival or some sort of celebration and some related legends. Festivals are a distinctive feature of Himachal Pradesh, besides those celebrated all over India, there are many local ones, during which the culture and the religious faith are obvious. It’s time to express the happiness, the colored habits, ornaments and accessories. When scheduling your Himachal Pradesh vacation, try to include a festival, it will provide you with very pleasant memories.

The Himachalis have a sharp artistic sense, are talented and hardworking, fact highly visible in their crafts and art. Splendid handicraft are manufactured here like leather objects, carpets, shawls, paintings, woodwork and metalwork. The famous Pashmina shawl is a valued product of Himachal Pradesh.


Himachal Pradesh vacations are based along two different axes: 1) religious temples, monasteries and pilgrimage 2) the incredible Himalaya and the related sport activities. Some of the most interesting spots are listed below:
Tourists’ first option in the Himachal Pradesh area is Kullu-Manali. This resort area entices by fabulous mountain landscape with alluring high peaks perpetually covered with thick snow. Manali is called 'Valley of the Gods' and Kullu ‘The end of the inhabited world’.
These are outstanding destinations primarily for sports amateurs, namely hiking, skiing, mountaineering, trekking, kayaking, paragliding, white water rafting or mountain biking. A once in a lifetime adventure while staying in your Himachal Pradesh vacation rentals are paragliding in Manali.
While here you have plenty of options to fill your travelling agenda like the Great Himalayan National Park, Solang valley, Bhrigu Lake, Rohtang Pass, Hidimba Temple, Vashist Temple, Manu temple, Nehru Kund, Naggar Castle and Zana Waterfalls.
As festivals are a distinctive feature of the Indian life in general and are even more emphasized in Himachal Pradesh, this is a compelling experience while around here. Make yourself a pleasure and participate in one of these festivals: Dussehra, Hidimba Devi Festival, Basantotsava, Doongri Forest, Baisakhi. You will not regret!

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