Leh Vacations - Where to Stay

Leh Condo Rental

Hotel Caravan Centre
sleep Sleeps 60 in 29 bedrooms
Hotel Caravan Centre is set amidst the pretty farms and rural ambience of Skara, the exclusively scenic part of Leh Town.

Amenity: Views, Internet Access

INR 2775 - 5900
Per Night
Owner Verified
Location Verified

Leh Vacations - Where to Stay


Leh vacation ideas are located in a village located high in the Himalayan Mountains. The village is a popular stopping point for those who want to trek the Himalayan Mountains. Culturally, Leh is a mixture of religions: Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh. With Buddhist being the most popular. Even though Leh is located high in the Himalayan Mountains, the landscape is considered a desert mountainous landscape.
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