County Roscommon vacations are located in a landlocked region located in the western part of Ireland. Roscommon derives it's name from Coman mac Faelchon, an Irish bishop who built a monastery there in the 5th century and the area was named Saint Coman's Wood or Ros Comáin. The eastern border of Roscommon is formed by the River Shannon as it follows border between Roscommon and Tipperary. County Roscommon is known for it's farming and agricultural industries. With lamb and sheep farms being one of the most popular type of farm. Located in the northern part of County Roscommon is the Lough Key Forest Park and Lake which is the site of 12th-century abbey ruins. Boyle Abbey is also located in the northern part of County Roscommon. The Boyle Abbey was the 1st Cistercian order in Ireland and built in 1218. Today only the ruins remain. Located near the city of Roscommon are the dramatic ruins of Roscommon Castle which were built in 1269. Roscommon Castle changed owners numerous times but for many years it was the main abode of the Connacht King Aodh O'Connor.

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