County Wicklow is a region of Ireland that is located one hour south of Dublin and encompasses the beautiful Wicklow Mountains and the National Park with the same name. The county town is Wicklow. The Wicklow Mountain Range covers the majority of the region and stretches down through the center of Wicklow County. It is known as an area of beautiful winding roads, fast flowing fishing streams and wooded valleys surrounded by heath and bogs. Because the park covers the majority of the Co Wicklow, there is plenty of diversity found in fauna and wildlife. Numerous natural lakes in the area provide a natural habitat for the local wildlife. A charming name for the area is "The Garden of Ireland". And it is a destination that is comprised of old stone villages and beautiful scenery just waiting for you to take a break. It is an area where you can hike through the mountains, play golf on some of the top ranked golf courses of Ireland or just spend your day fishing at one of the numerous lakes in the region.

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