San Gimignano Vacation

San Gimignano Boutique Hotel

Hotel Villa San Paolo
sleep Sleeps 150 in 78 bedrooms
Enjoy sunbathing by our panoramic outdoor pool facing the tower of San Gimignano.

Amenity: Pet Friendly, Views, Sauna, Hot Tub, Private Swimming Pool, Wood Fireplace, Internet Access

EUR 137 - 187
Per Night
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San Gimignano Vacation


The towers surrounding the town of San Gimignano vacations rise up as a focal point in the Tuscany countryside giving us a glimpse of what life what like Medieval Tuscany. During the Middle Ages, the town was a stopping point along the Via Francigena, when the pilgrims would travel to Rome. As the village's wealth increased, many of the families built beautiful towers during the 13th century that still stand today. Several of these ancient towers are still visible when viewing the town from the surrounding countryside and they provide San Gimignano with a unique cityscape. Today the village is mainly agricultural and is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. Tourists from around the world to enjoy small village, local food and its historical buildings. Surrounding the village are numerous farms and vineyards that create a tapestry of colors. Agriturismos, a combination of farms and vineyards that provide a rural experience; surround the village. Each Agriturismo has their own unique wines, olive oil, and jams or preserves are available to taste while staying in one of the numerous charming San Gimignano Hotels.