Spoleto Vacations - Where To Stay

Spoleto Apartment Rental

Umbrian Hills apartment
sleep Sleeps 5 in 2 bedrooms
This is the right place to rest and find inner peace, as well as to go out and explore Umbria with all it's beauties, medieval towns, art-galleries, old churches, beautiful landscapes

Amenity: Views, Private Swimming Pool, Wood Fireplace, Pet Friendly

EUR 95 - 130
Per Night
Owner Verified
Location Verified

Spoleto Vacations - Where To Stay


Where to stay in Spoleto is situated in the midst of the Umbria countryside and is surrounded by the Apennines mountains. The history of this ancient town extends back centuries to the time when Hannibal roamed the hills. Many architectural artifacts and buildings have existed since the early Roman Era and parts of the 5th century BCE walls are laying in pieces surrounding the town. The town's strategic position overlooking the Apennine mountains, has always been of importance to a variety of conquerors over the centuries.