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St Mary Parish is located in the northeastern region of Jamaica. The capital of the Parish is Port Maria which has the designation of being the second town built on Jamaica by the Spanish. The area is mountainous with 3 rivers, Rio Nuevo, White Rivers and Wag Water running through the Parish. The region is very agricultural with the main products being bananas, coffee, sugar, cocoa. The St Mary Parish was also the home of Ian Flemming, the author of the famous James Bond novels. Sir Noel Coward lived in the aea until 1973 on an estate named "Firefly" which is currently a museum. There are many old plantation estates located in St Mary. Some of them have fallen into disrepair, some have been carefully renovated and are open to the public. Brimmer Hall Great House is a 18th century working plantation that is now part of Jamaica's National Heritage Trust. The Harmony Hall Great House was built in the 1800's and originally grew limes and pimentos but now is home to an art gallery and restaurant.

St Mary Vacation Rentals & Boutique Hotels

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The Kempshot Cave is known for its Taino rock carvings on stalactites.

Visit the Firefly art studio, previous home to Noel Coward and his numerous paintings

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