Coast Vacations

The Coast Province of Kenya is located on the most southern region that faces the Indian Ocean and extends from Tanzania to Somalia. The capital of the Coast Province is Mombasa. The coastline of Kenya has a fringing coral reef that runs parallel to the Kenya coast. The white sandy beaches and coconut palms beckon to the traveler to relax and enjoy the views. The beaches and land of this region sit on an ancient coral reef and as you go inland you will find huge underground caves and holes in the landscape. Shimba Hills National Park is located inland from Diani Beach and within the park are 700 elephants. The Tsavo West National Park is located in the southern region of the Coast Province and is known for its beautiful wildlife and the scenery makes it popular as a hiking destination. Diani Beach is a popular beach destination for international tourists.

Coast Vacation Rentals and Coast Hotels

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Rainbow Apartment  Vacation Rental
Apartment Sleeps 2
Rates 20 - 60 EUR
Taj Riviera House Vacation Rental
Villa Sleeps 6
Rates 85 - 125 EUR
Villa Topaz Vacation Rental
Villa Sleeps 4
Rates 70 - 270 EUR
Villa Turquoise Vacation Rental
Villa Sleeps 10
Rates 130 - 500 EUR
Villa Annchen Vacation Rental
Villa Sleeps 8
Rates 60 - 500 EUR