Colima Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

Located in one of the smallest Mexican states, Colima destinations are surrounded a myriad of landscapes and adventures within a brief boundary. It enjoys a key location at the geographic centre of Mexico’s Pacific Coast, strategically bordered by the states of Jalisco and Michoacán. A well-defined picture of hospitality and serenity, Colima vacations invites visitors to rejuvenate amidst the ethereal scenic enclosures and devour the immaculate beauty. Its terrain is marked by majestic peaks towards the North, and over 160 kilometers of coastline stretching along the Gulf of Mexico, seasoned with tropical beaches and pristine islands, towards the South. Tourists swarm in great numbers throughout the year to explore Colima’s most prized possession, the volcanic islands of Revillagigedo. Remarkably diverse in flora, fauna and topography, this archipelago is the perfect getaway for an adventurous cruise or exigent excursions. Colima is also home to the renowned UNESCO site, Sierra de Manantlán Biosphere Reserve. This reserve is a divine mesh of interconnected ecosystems and habitats that shelter mass majority of Mexico’s native plant and bird species. Here, one can also witness the scars of volcanic activities and erosion, while the reserve peaks over 9000 ft where the clouds meet the Earth. Colima boasts some of the country’s finest fresh, sandy beaches that retain their position as the favorite spot for divers, fishers, surfers and families.

Colima Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

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Colima Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay


Visit the town of Comala, which is part of Historic Monument Zone and is listed as one of the "Magic Pueblos".

Tour the Hacienda of Nogueras, located in the town of Comala, which once belonged to the famous Mexican artist Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo, and now is a museum dedicated to his work.

Take advantage of the coastal delicacies available and dine on some of Colima’s ceviche, a combination of fish, tomatoes, chilies and grated carrots.

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