Guerrero is a Mexican state that stretches along Mexico's Pacific Coast and has the Sierra Madre mountains rising towards the interior. The state's capital is Chilpancingo and it is also the location of the Guerro University which was founded in 1869 and the site of the first Mexican congress in 1813. A popular section within Guerro is the "Triangle of the Sun" which is noted for its beaches and historic towns. The "Triangle of the Sun" encompasses the popular tourist region that extends from Acapulco to Ixtapa and then inland to Taxco. Guerrero has a large indigenous population and is the site of numerous archaeological sites which include Teopantecuanitlan, Oxtotitlán, Tehuacalco, Organera-Xochipala, Cuetlajuchitlán. Pezuapan, the ancient city of the Olmecs and which is located within the modern city of Chilpancingo, is thought have existed from 650 AD to 1150 AD.

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Casa de la Sirena
Resort Sleeps 6
Rates 65 - 795 USD
Pacifica Resort Ixtapa
Resort Sleeps 400
Rates 120 - 280 USD

Guerrero Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in Mexico

Visit a site of one of the earliest civilizations in Mexico; Teopantecuanitlan a pyramid built by the Olmec civilization in 1400 BC.

Take a boat from Acapulco and explore the island of Roqueta, which is a protected area with lots of natural wildlife and habitat.