Jalisco Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

Jalisco vacations are located on the western coast of Mexico facing the Pacific Ocean. Jalisco destinations have a history that has contributed many symbols that are representative of Mexican culture. The famous evocative Mariachi music, home of tequila, and the popular wide brimmed sombrero all originated in Jalisco. The region has two main towns, Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara. Puerto Vallarta is located in the Bay of Banderas on the west coast and facing the Pacific Ocean and is a popular resort area. The main capital of the region is Guadalajara, which has a population approaching 3 million. But the city, which was founded in 1542, has numerous historic areas and colonial architecture, cathedrals and palaces which make the city a beautiful place to visit.

Jalisco Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

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Jalisco Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay


Visit the town of Tequila and go tequila taste testing at the site of the state’s first tequila factory, established in 1600.

Take a boat ride on Lake Chapala, Mexico's largest fresh water lake.

Stroll through the streets of Mismaloya where "Night of the Ignuana" was filmed.

Buy some original pottery and blown glass in the town of Tlaquepaque, known as "place above clay land" in the Nahuatl language.

Visit the art galleries in the Plaza de Armas, an artistic section of Puerto Vallarta.

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