Oaxaca Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

The region surrounding Oaxaca vacations have historically been home to numerous diverse indigenous cultures native to Meso America which include the Zapotec, Mixtec, and Aztec cultures. It is their location in the Sierra Madre mountains which have insulated and protected these societies from outside influence and helped retain their cultural identify over the centuries. The region of Oaxaca Mexico is known as being one of the most ethnically diverse communities in Mexico. The interior of Oaxaca vacations is composed of the rugged terrain of the Sierra Madre Mountains. It was the Zapotecs who built Monte Alban in 500 BC, a ceremonial temple located in the Oaxaca Valley and one of the earliest known cities in Mesoamerica. The Zapotecs are believed to have understood astronomy and had a basic form of writing. Another important indigenous group which had significant influence on the area surrounding Oaxaca destinations are the Mixtecs. At the height of their civilization they are thought to have numbered 1.5 million prior to the Spanish arrival.

Oaxaca Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

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Oaxaca Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay


Swim in the ocean at Huatulco Beach which features nine bays and more than 30 different beaches.

Visit the historic Dominican church, Iglesia de Santo Domingo in Oaxaca City, which was founded in 1575.

Climb Monte Albán, which is an ancient architectural structure built in 500 BC and which was the capital of the ancient Mixtec-Zapotec empire.

Drink Mezcal, an alcoholic beverage distilled from a variety of cactuses.

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