A profound tourist corridor, Quintana Roo or The Mexican Caribbean, is a Mexican state that lies on breathtaking Yucatan Peninsula. Overlooking the glistening waters of the Caribbean, it is a remarkable blend of sunny white-sand beaches, scrumptious gourmet cuisine, glorious exhibits from the past and epitomic hospitality. The terrain is garnished with sinkholes enclosed by a framework of rocks that retain turquoise waters and provide an adequate getaway for a serene evening or a rejuvenating swim. The aquatic scene in Quintana Roo is one of the finest in the peninsula that magnetizes a large influx of tourists throughout the year. The Mayan Riviera offers a unique opportunity to interact with the friendly and intelligent dolphins whereas the calm waters at Isla Mujeres are ideal for scuba diving and jet skiing. The Chankanaab National Park boasts over 60 different species of tropical fish, and is peppered with lush botanic gardens, making it the perfect escape for excursions. Quintana Roo is home to some of the most picturesque and refined cities of Mexico like the eclectic Playa del Carmen, the luxuriously exotic Cancun and Bacalar; host to the striking lagoon of seven vibrant colors. Tulum is a reflection of the region’s historic side with its extensive display of the well-preserved, ancient Mayan ruins and stone temples. The area juxtaposes deep-rooted history with warm, sandy beaches and high-perched cliffs to impart an aura of splendor and royalty.

Quintana Roo Vacation Rentals and Boutique Hotels

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Resort Sleeps 60
Rates 70 - 400 USD
Amigos B&B
Hotel Sleeps 17
Rates 50 - 85 USD
Girasol condos
Condo Sleeps 6
Rates 85 - 120 USD
Amigos Hostel Cozumel
Hotel Sleeps 19
Rates 12 - 15 USD
Hotel Sleeps 8
Rates 76 - 149 USD
Balamku Inn on the Beach
Hotel Sleeps 3
Rates 75 - 90 USD
Mahekal Beach Resort
Resort Sleeps 300
Rates 187 - 288 USD
Dangelos Luxury Condos
Condo Sleeps 30
Rates 215 - 395 USD
Riviera Maya Suites
Condo Sleeps 8
Rates 180 - 455 USD
Casa del Mar
Condo Sleeps 6
Rates 220 - 408 USD
Playa del Carmen Condo
Condo Sleeps 6
Rates 205 - 370 USD
Via 38 Caribe
Condo Sleeps 6
Rates 205 - 390 USD
Sian Kaan
Condo Sleeps 6
Rates 126 - 173 USD
Playa del Carmen
Condo Sleeps 4
Rates 175 - 325 USD
Magia Condo
Condo Sleeps 8
Rates 300 - 510 USD
Condo Sunshine
Condo Sleeps 8
Rates 300 - 510 USD
Condo Capri
Condo Sleeps 4
Rates 149 - 245 USD
Acanto Boutique Hotel
Hotel Sleeps 4
Rates 115 - 300 USD
Encanto Riviera
Condo Sleeps 6
Rates 155 - 299 USD
Mamitos Beach Condo
Condo Sleeps 5
Rates 155 - 340 USD
Mamitas Village
Condo Sleeps 6
Rates 175 - 696 USD
Sandys Condos and Villas
Condo Sleeps 4
Rates 85 - 170 USD
Resort Sleeps 6
Rates 145 - 250 USD

Quintana Roo Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in Mexico

Visit the Coba temple pyramids, a Mayan site built in 500-700 AD.

Explore the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, one of the largest protected areas in Quintana Roo and it is also Unesco World Heritage Site.

Every September the Hard Rock Hotel hosts the Cancun Jazz Festival with numerous big name performers.

If you are looking for some quiet time, head over to the Isla Mujeres or the Island of Women, a small quiet island with beautiful beaches and a sea turtle sanctuary located on Sac Bajo.