A land of pristine beauty, Sinaloa has its piñata full of breathtaking scenery, exquisite infrastructure, striking landscapes and vibrant art scenes. It enjoys a large proportion of the Mexican coast and witnesses the sublime union of the Sea of Cortez with the Pacific Ocean. More commonly known as the “Pearl of the Pacific”, Sinaloa is a one-stop destination for adventure buffs, art fanatics and history freaks alike. It is home to Mexico’s premier wrestling city, Los Mochis that witnesses the union of sports fans from all around the world who gather to watch their favorite teams play. Sinaloa also boasts the splendor of wildlife in its natural habitat ranging from toucans, parrots, turtles, and whales among many others. The city of Mazatlan is Sonora’s most prized possession. A land of stark contrasts, it encapsulates the essence of Mexican tourism at its most refined. Mazatlan embodies the epitome of unadulterated natural beauty with its lush green botanical gardens, exquisite beaches, hospitable weather, and a striking display of flora and fauna. Here, one can set out in style from the coast to the Stone Island for a scenic cruise that features serene crystal waters, and a tropical ambiance. Once in Stone Island, you can go snorkeling, explore the enigmatic caves, test your guts to a variety of water sports or simply devour the magnificent sunset with your toes in the warm sand.

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