A feather in the Mexican sombrero, Sonora is the second largest state in Mexico that enjoys key location of great strategic importance with the United States to its North and the Gulf of California to its West. Popularly known as the “Queen of the Southern Miles”, it takes you on a trip down the memory lane with the plethora of historic attractions and cultural landmarks that it encapsulates. One of the most geographically diverse regions in Mexico, its terrain is marked by the exotic Sonoran desert ecosystem to the North, exhibits of well-preserved history to the South and fresh, sprawling beaches towards the West. The capital, Hermosillo, dominates Central Sonora with its display of epitomic modernity and masterful infrastructure. Here, one can either climb up the iconic Bell Hill to devour the panoramic views, experience the divine communion of the turquoise waters with the warm sand at Kino Bay, devour the scrumptious gourmet cuisine, or simply visit one of the many museums or cultural centers that dominate the city. The rocky Isla San Jorge, locally called the Bird Island, lies near the Sonoran horizon and offers the perfect getaway for excursions. It houses magnificent sea lions, friendly dolphins, colorful seabirds and gigantic whales.

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