Yucatan Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

Placed gracefully on the Yucatan peninsula, the region of Yucatan vacations represents the essence of Mexico vacations and beauty at its finest. It borders Campeche to the southwest and the Gulf of Mexico towards the north. Where to stay in Yucatan can offer a plethora of adventures, experiences and scenic pleasures that attend to tastes of all kinds of visitors. It boasts a magical amalgamation of deep-rooted history and dynamic modernity. Yucatan provides the ideal place for the history and art of Mexico and the region. It is one of the most historically enriched and significant areas in the world that sports ancient Maya ruins, vibrant cultural houses, historic landmarks that date back to the period of Spanish Colonialism and museums that take one to strolling through the ages. The most renowned among these is the Chichen Itza that has been declared one of the seven great wonders of the world. This huge landmark is an intriguing mesh of pyramids and platforms that embodies the religious and political centre of the former Mayan inhabitants. Yucatan vacations offer ample white-sand beaches, turquoise lagoons and extensive coasts peppered with stunning exotic islands, the aquatic vibe in Yucatan vacations are unparalleled to any other in the world.

Yucatan Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

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Yucatan Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay


Where to stay during Yucatan vacation destinations are defined by the numerous beautiful Yucatan vacations are located in the southeastern part of Mexico along the Yucatan Peninsula. With over 106 municipalities and the capital Merida, the state has become famous for its cenotes, beaches and Mayan ruins. The coastal side of the state has some of the best beaches in the country, and are home to countless flocks of wild flamingos. The interior of the state is famous for the various subterranean lakes and rivers, otherwise called cenotes. Weather and temperature wise you should expect a low of 68 and a high of 98, depending on the time of the year. Do note that August to November is hurricane season, and the state of Yucatan is no stranger to vicious storms.


Mayans first inhabited the Yucatan as early as 2500 BC. Since then, the area has gone through some major changes! The Mayans dominated present day Yucatan for centuries, and although their disappearance is still a mystery, their influence on the land is still seen today in the many ruins and temples that are still being discovered. In their place, indigenous Mexicans began to dominate the landscape

By the mid-1500’s the Yucatan was populated by a number of indigenous groups, and in fact fended off Spanish explorers twice. The third time, by Francisco de Montejoy Leon, was successful, and he established the cities of Campeche in 1540 and Merida in 1542. The Spanish would then colonise the area, and continue to govern until Mexican independence, where the Yucatan would become part of Mexico.

However, Yucatan vacation destinations were without road, rail or air connection to the country until the 1950’s. Due to this, the Yucatan became a culture that was a little different than the rest of Mexico, and that has continued to this day. This is reflective in their cuisine and arts.

Cuisine wise, Yucatan vacations require that you need to try some of the local favorites. Pollo Pibil is marinated chicken wrapped in banana leaves and baked, and Poc Chuc is sliced marinated pork that has been marinated in a sour orange juice that is served with a tangy sauce and pickled onions. It truly is something you have to indulge in when in the amazing Yucatan.

Through the arts and music surrounding Yucatan, there is a strong connection to its Mayan heritage. This can be seen throughout oral and written history, as well as through spoken word and music. As well, the Day of the Dead is a huge celebration in the Yucatan and falls on November 1 and November 2 every year. If you are in town, head to the capital to see the Yucatan at its finest.

Chichen Itza
For those who love history, this is a must visit spot! Chichen Itza is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and is a UNESCO World Heritage site for good reason. This 6.5-kilometer area dates back to the 7th century and is one of the few examples of both Toltec and Puuc architecture styles. The main attractions are the spectacular castle at the centre, the Pyramid of Kukulkan as well as temples, a 25-metre wide Mayan calendar and numerous playing courts and homes. This is truly an amazing place. Make sure to get a local guide and dive in, or spend the night at Chichen a luxury hotel and spa that has been restored from a 16th-century palace.

Uxmal was once one of the great Mayan cities, today it lies in ruin, but with structures stretching from the 5th century, this site is truly something to experience in person. The city was designed in Puuc style and is home to a number of buildings and temples. The Pyramid of the Magician lies at the center, standing 38 meters above the ruins, the pyramid offers some of the best site lands in the area. You can also climb the Great Pyramid which stands at 30 meters tall and makes sure to notice the amazing carvings while you climb. This site is worth an afternoon, and no matter if you want to explore the pyramids, the nunnery or even the Governor’s Palace, Uxmal might be the highlight of your trip.

Yucatan vacation destinations are famous for being located in the midst of the famous Yucatan Cenotes, and with more than 6000 cenotes in the area, we have handpicked a few to explore when you head down for your next vacation.

Called the Sacred Blue Cenote this cenote is perfect for cooling off after a long day at Chichen Itza. Located 3.5 kilometres away from the UNESCO Heritage site, this cenote is home to some amazing vines and waterfalls. Access is super easy via the grand staircase, and the cenote drops to around 85 feet below the surface.

This town has become infamous for its amazing cenotes that surround the town. It would be well advised to hire a local guide who knows the area and can bring you to some of the best well kept secret cenotes. However, the main ones are Chelentun, Chansinic’che, and Bolonchoojol. The majority of the cenotes in the area offer crystal blue water and some amazing rock formations.

An extremely popular spot for locals and vacationers alike to cool down, the Zaci cenote is located in the heart of Valladolid. You will be able to see some amazing rock formations and you might even get to spot the rare ‘lub’ fish!

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