Chiriquí is a province located in the western region of Panama and has a long beautiful coastline along the Pacific Ocean. The capital of the Chiriquí Department is David. The original indigenous groups that live in this region are known as the Ngäbe. Within the Gulf of Chiriqui are numerous islands which can only be reached by water taxis. These gulf islands are: Isla Boca Brava, Isla Palenque, Isla Paridita and Islas Secas Boca Chica which are a popular destination for big game fishermen. The Volcan Baru National Park is located in the northern region of Chiriquí and it includes 35,000 acres of tropical rainforest and includes the Volcano Baru which has the highest mountain peak in Panama that reaches 11,398 ft. Within these "Highlands" you will find coffee plantations and orchid farms. And on a clear day you can catch site of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans from the mountains surrounding Volcan Baru.

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