The Colon province of Panama is known for providing the Panama Canal an entrance to the Atlantic Ocean and for it's long coastline facing the Caribbean Sea. In the 1950 Panama established Colón Free Trade Zone which makes it easy for corporations to market to Latin America. The Colon Free Trade Zone imports products from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, USA, France, Italy, Mexico and the UK. The largest purchaser of these products in the free trade zone is Colombia, followed by Venezuela, Guatemala and other countries in Central and South America. Should you tire of viewing the Panama Canal, and decide that you want to escape. Then visit the beaches of Colon where you can relax while laying in the sun. Try one of these numerous beaches in the Colon area. Isla Grande is a small island off the coast that is popular with surfers. Playa Puerto French is near the coastal town of Portobelo. Playa Cuango is located at the mouth of the river Cuango. Playa Tortuguilla is a small private beach surrounded by coral where you can go diving. The remote and amazingly beautiful Playa Chiquita located on Costa Arriba.

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