Calabarzon Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

Calabarzon vacation destinations are located in a region of the Philippines in the southern region and south of Manila. The region also encompasses the southern part of the Luzon Island. The Luzon Island is also home of Manilla and these two different regions seems to merge. Calabarzon is known for its beautiful scenery but is also heavily populated in some areas. The region is very popular with the locals from Manila because of its scenic landscape and its easy access as a getaway destination. Volcanos active and inactive are found in this region. Mount Banahaw is the tallest mountain in the region and also has the distinction of being an active volcano. The Taal Volcano Island is very active and is known as being the smallest active volcano in the world. Calabarzon is also the home of the largest fresh water lake in the Philippines: Laguna de Bay. It is a region of extreme natural beauty; noted for its lakes, mountains and villages.

Calabarzon Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

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Calabarzon Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

Calabarzon destinations are located in the 12th largest region in the Philippines and it has had a major influence in the country’s history, culture, and language. The region consists of the Southern Tagalog provinces Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon; all of which gave rise to the collective name Calabarzon.


The region is bordered by rolling landmasses, a historical bay, miles upon miles of coastal areas, and the nation’s capital. It is because of this strategic location bordered by different environments that made Calabarzon a natural people hub since pre-Spanish times.

Because the country is an archipelago, a vacation in the Philippines won’t be complete without visiting a few of the islands and the huge cities. The cities are generally not planned ones but are towns and municipalities that grew from the land due to a combination of trade growth and strategic location. This means that traveling from place to place would mean using a few vehicles and/or modes of transportation but that is part of what makes a vacation in the Philippines even more exciting and fun!


The people of Calabarzon are mainly of Tagalog stock, people of Indo-Malayan origin that migrated to the Philippines about a thousand years ago or more. They’ve inter-married with the more recent influx of Chinese people and island-born Spanish descendants of those who came to colonize the Philippines. This mix created a proud group of people with a distinct culture and several closely-related languages that are collectively called Tagalog. Filipino, the Philippine’s national language, is mostly Tagalog.

Because the people of the Southern Tagalog region or Calabarzon used to be mostly farmers and fishermen before urbanization, they tend to be very warm and value their community highly. It isn’t uncommon for someone from any of the 5 Calabarzon provinces to identify himself or herself as a ‘native’ of his or her province and shower someone who is having a vacation in the Philippines with lots of delicacies from their hometown.

Food is a huge part of Calabarzon culture and a source of pride. Be prepared to be eat a little in almost all of the houses you pass by if your Philippine vacation happened to coincide with the summer Fiestas (it would be impolite to refuse a taste). The people of Calabarzon celebrate Fiestas in a grand way largely because of the catholic religion, heavy Spanish influence, and because of their farming/agricultural background. Be prepared to be greeted with a mix of Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino dishes!


There are plenty of things to see and enjoy in Calabarzon! Some tourists who are having a vacation in the Philippines immediately regret not planning more of their itinerary in Calabarzon when they see that it is far from boring. Can’t blame them as most online resources are outdated and paint Calabarzon as a sleepy area that happens to be near Metro Manila but that is far from correct. In fact, foreigners who’ve enjoyed their Philippine vacation in Calabarzon report that a vacation in Calabarzon is like touring the entire Philippines because of the unique Calabarzon geography!

• Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna – Swimming, rappeling, hiking, adventure boat ride, and even steering your own bamboo raft awaits!
• Tagaytay in Cavite – plenty of restaurants with live music, most of which are with a view of the famous Taal lake.
• Taal Volcano in Batangas – This is best scheduled as a full day trip as this involves a boat ride, hiking, and more! Maybe you’d get to ride a horse too!
• The beaches of Batangas – See for yourself the clear waters off of the beaches of Batangas. They are too many to mention and most are privately owned but can be enjoyed for a minimal fee. Overnight accommodations may also be available.
• The hot springs of Laguna – Check out both locally-owned and Korean-owned hot springs resorts in Laguna. Some have a specific theme and some offer 3 to 4 stars facilities too.
• Masungi Georeserve in Rizal – lush forests, hiking, trekking, really close to Manila. What more can we say?
• The historical sites of Quezon – amazing day trip experience especially for those with young kids.
• Villa Escudero in Laguna – How would you dine under a waterfall? If that is your thing, better head here!
• Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna – A theme park with rides and fun activities that both kids and adults will enjoy.
• Corregidor Island in Cavite – Day trips and cruises can be had for the price of a lunch back home.
• Pinto art museum – for the art lover and the old soul in you!

Plenty more that you can discover on your own during your lovely Calabarzon vacation!

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